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Deleting sucky art Posted 2 years ago
I am not happy with a lot of my "Art" and so I will be deleting like.. Most of it.. From Ekas

I will be trying to provide content when I feel like it and possibly in the form of writing, for now I do not feel like most of my art is up to quality to be here.
Character reference base Posted 2 years ago
Would it be bad If I just paid for a base model, and filled in afterwards?
Better character reference? Posted 3 years ago
Maybe with a nude side this time..~

Up to if anyone would like to see that ^3^
Maybe more G-mod Posted 3 years ago
Maybe more G-mod, If I can make custom models and stuff.. But IDK how to do that.

Might comission it from someone..
No more G-Mod. Posted 3 years ago

Rules N' stuff.
Comics Never finished (Funny Probably) Posted 3 years ago
You see this series?



Gone nobody is ever gunna see it again.

See this character?


** Gone, there..

"Ask Ross"?

Part two shall never happen!

(This was a joke..)
Lezy Posted 3 years ago
I would draw the next part of like.. Anything.. But.. Nah too lazy..

I'mma lezy..
Sorry. Posted 3 years ago
I would like to apologize to littarly everyone I have commented on.. On this.. Monday the 7th.. At 1:07 AM

Also I am slightly drunk when making this.
Gallery and new ideas Posted 3 years ago
I was recently thinking about starting to make some art.. And I had a great idea, I won't say what it is, but as an exsperimant I was hoping to make some comics that aren't only just like.. Pinups.. But also, a little funny/entertaining, I'm hoping to get some feedback
Blog.api Posted 4 years ago
Blog = facfactor set to 2