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FWA 2017!! Posted 3 years ago
AWWWW YIS FWA IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY AND I'M SO EXCITED!! Sooooo I'm gonna be there with a few good friends of mine, and we're all looking forward to meeting some other friends from other corners of the net heheh~ Yall will probably find me mostly in the dealer's den (because I'm a sucker for merch), aaaaand for the first time I miiiiiiiight be trying my hand at in-person commissions with Tira in the artist alley! We'll see about that, but hey, could be fun~!

So yeah! Who all's going there this year~? Any familiar faces to look forward to~?
Heading out for FWA! Anyone going? Posted 4 years ago
So I've never used this feature before but I guess I might as well give it a shot for an announcement of sorts heheh~!

I'm heading out for FWA tonight, so I don't expect anything new to be rolling out this weekend art-wise~ Still, if you wanna keep track of my progress or wanna say hello while I'm there, check out my Twitter; should be active enough on there~! Anyway I guess that's about it haha, hope yall are doing well~!