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I need to post more on here Posted 5 years ago
Hello everyone!

Its been a while since i posted anything here but no worries i will be posting some stuff here again, mainly my vore stuff. I am planning on posting stuff on here since i neglecting this account. Got a few new stuff planned. I hope my motivation returns more to draw even more and i get drawing vore and ponies x3

Also if ya wanna chat n stuff, i have a skype account, chat me up on there. My skype ish rustic.pony if ya wanna chat
Tumblr! Posted 6 years ago
Yup, you heard me correctly, i have gotten myself a little tumblr blog where ill be posting stuff as well as along as on here. If you guys want to follow me on there as well here is the link!

DA and Gifts Posted 7 years ago
Hey everyone!

I finally got of my lazy plot and got a DA account, i already posted some of my stuff on there and will be posting both my non adult/vore stuff on there along with my vore pieces. My DA is the same as my Ekas account which is RusticPony, will be posting more on DA including the other vore pics except the hardcore ones. Also got a few more vore pics planned, will be posting them soon ^^

Also, i been planing on doing some gift stuff for those who did some gift stuff of my OC pone Rusty, its a surpise! :3

Thank you guys for the gift arts <3 <3
Requesting something Posted 7 years ago
Hello everypony!

I was wondering if anyone takes requests and such cause i been wanting to ask you guys if you were willing to so something of my OC pony Rusty but i was umm.. too shy or uncertain someone would do it so i kept quiet this whole time

If ya do, ill preferably like something vorish or even preg but some naughtiness i wouldn't mind as well as for details.. ill leave it up to you if you willing to do it. If not its fine ^^
Update Posted 7 years ago
Hello again everyone, Just mentioning i did make a Skype account, so now you can both contact me though MSN and Skype so if ya guys wanna throw me a chat or just hang out, contact me though one of the clients below. Would be fun to chat with you guys! Also thanks again for loving my stuff <3

Aim: Dakarai2011
Msn/Skype: [email protected]
Skype: rusticpony
Seeya guys there :3
Skype Posted 7 years ago
Hello everyone, just shoulld mention that those who want to chat me up someday can contact me though AIM or recently Skype since MSN is going under so yeah, if ya guys wanna throw me a chat or just hang out, contact me though those. Would be fun to chat with you guys! Also thanks for luving my stuff <3 <3

Aim: Dakarai2011
Msn/Skype: [email protected]

Seeya guys there :3