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Let me introduce myself... Posted 2 years ago
Hello fellow prey and mighty preds,
even though I created this account just a couple seconds ago I've been visiting this site for a couple of years now and I finally decided to join. I may have some handmade sketches to share and even though I'm not much of an artist, I'm pretty sure someone out there will like it. Or hate about it. I dont really care, cuz I just wanna share, lol.
I also worked on a rpg maker vore game, like a year ago. It was just for screwing around and I actually suprised myself in the process. Right now all I could do is provide a german demo which will probably never be finished. However if enough people are interested I may open up a thread about it, translate and finish it, even if it has just like an hour or so into it, since some of the scenes were...
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