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L&K series update 2 Posted 5 years ago
Looneyman is apparently on and off sick, explaining his absence. Not sure when now the next one will be up.
L&K series update Posted 5 years ago
No, the L&K series isn't cancelled or anything like that. Looneyman has been dealing with some real life issues, and Chapter 10 should be up by next Saturday at the latest.
9Kirby99's Raffle Posted 5 years ago
Hey guys, 9kirby99 is doing a free raffle, prizes and everything. I'm trying to go for a reference sheet, because those of you who are still confused as to who Lilian is need that. Hadn't thought that through when Looneyman and I did that first part. But anyway, you can find his raffle at
Update Schedules Posted 5 years ago
Looneyman and I have figured out an upload schedule. While probably not every Saturday due to IRL factors, new chapters will be posted on Saturday, depending on when we finish them and again IRL factors.

P.S.: Looneyman is working on a supplement for Chapter 6, so that might be a thing eventually. I'll link it in the description if it does get written, as it's going into his gallery.
New Computer! Posted 6 years ago
While the cops still have not found my stolen stuff, I have been given a new computer, so I will be able to do stuff now.
Robbed... Posted 6 years ago
So, yesterday we went to go get the stuff from our storage unit. It was a public one, but we had locks on ours. Upon getting there and opening up the storage units, we found that all three had previously been opened, all the boxes were opened with what seemed to be box cutters, and some stuff was stolen, of course the most important stuff. There was broken glass everywhere from our picture frames being broken, smashed boxes because they stepped on the boxes to reach other ones and cut those open, and missing items. Of most importance, my gamecube, all of my 90+ games for all consoles I have (except the 3ds games because I had those with me), 2 wiis, and my main computer. My chromebook also got fried from a sudden glass of water thrown by my sister. So now I only have sparring access to any...
[ Continued ... ]
New Profile Image Posted 6 years ago
I got this new lovely image from Six Aught Five ( in a raffle that he hosts. Drawn by him, requested by me, this is my new image. I am very thankful for it.