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Halloween Comic Update Posted 5 days ago
So I still don't have my tablet, so I can't work on it when I go out of town for my job, thus I can only work on it every other week for now.

That said, I'm going to upload what is finished so I don't have to stay up and mass upload everything...

Right now I have 6 pages inked out of 68 pages total. Page 7 would have been done today but IRL stuff happened so I gotta put it off till next week

There's some shading in some panels for dramatic effect and I think it might clash with how the overall page looks. But unfortunately I'm not going to spend anymore time than I need to get this comic done :/

For now, enjoy pages 1-6 :D
Halloween Comic Update Posted 2 weeks ago
So few of you know, Ive been working on a Halloween comic for the past couple of years. Every year I wasnt able to finish it in time for Halloween, and with the amount of content in this comic, I'd push it off till the next year...

Well, I was on schedule to finish and complete a 67-68 page comic to yall on Halloween night... But. My traveling drawing tablet, what I use to draw on my work week, broke and wont recognize the pen anymore. It's going to get repaired but it's going to slow me down greatly.

Im going to upload it soon as it's done, but it will probably be closer to middle of November.
FA Account Update: Victory?! Posted 2 weeks ago

"Minors may not be in the presence of females with outlines of their nipples. Because of this, the content was removed appropriately.

Since this is a small detail that was overlooked, I will have clemency on the offense, but the images may not be reuploaded."

Well ladies and gents, Im legit blown back by this lol, I feel like the response pretty much says "uh, you're right, this is stupid, but I still have to look tough," holy shit lol

Well, Im considering this a victory, but damn...

Lesson learned. No more mass uploads to FA
FA Account suspended LOL XD Posted 2 weeks ago
Flo and the 11 Kids Ch2 Pages 22, 23,24, 43, violated their rules so I'm immediately on 1 week suspension and received a final warning.

From the rules they referenced, I don't think I've violated anything. But the one picture I thought for sure would get me in trouble (Pg62) was totally fine. The offensive images had minors in the same panel as nipple outlines. They were covered, they were not erect.

What ya'll think? Should I appeal?
Flo and the 11 Kids Ch2: Update Posted 1 month ago

It's my work week so progress will be slowed, but all I have left is clean up work on a few pages.

Just a WARNING tho
There is definitely a line work quality change that happens as you get half way thru the story. I couldn't help myself and started going more for clean/crisp lines than the leaving them faded/thick. To keep it all consistent, Id basically have to redraw EVERYTHING from the beginning...

And that aint happening.

But ya, it's about 67 pages and should be up my Sunday Night to Monday Morning! :)
Flo and the 11 Kids Ch2, DELAYED :/ Posted 2 months ago
So I planned on getting Ch2 of Flo and the 11 Kids out to ya'll by 08/08

Well, I'm gonna be late on that by a few days... Honestly, I went overboard with this Chapter. I'm literally 5 pages away from the finishing it but with all the clean up I have to do with some of the pages, it's just not gonna be finished in time.

On the plus side, it's gonna be 60+ pages so... hopefully yall will appreciate that lol

Stay tuned :D
Empty Spot Remaster! -DELAYED- :( Posted 3 months ago
So the original plan was to surprise you all with the Filling the Empty Spot Remaster on Vore Day.

Well, at the end of June, I looked at how fast I was progressing and there was no way I could deliver without sacrificing quality or cutting pages out. Aaaand that's not happening. So I'm gonna take my time on it so that it looks really good when it's all finished. I'm changing up how some panels look, I'm extending some scenes, and I'm adding a brand new segment (what the secretary was doing while Jade was "interviewing").

Here's a link to the dropbox so you all can see the sketches I've done so far and see what all changes I was talking about:

BUT, I'm not going to...
[ Continued ... ]
Moving All the Concept Art to my Mainstream DA account Posted 6 months ago
I know... You all are pretty much saying "Why the fuck did you not do this in the first place?!"

And the reason is simple

I'm an obnoxious stubborn jackass lol

But gimme Time, internet is ass right now, and DA won't let me do sub-folders without paying (fuck that), so I'll probably make like 2 or 3 folders with this stuff.

Here's my mainstream DA gallery. It's got a lot of art that's over 10yrs old, and it shows it's age:
Post-April Fools Announcement (It's Good Friday and some of y'all need jesus) Posted 6 months ago
Alright everyone, y'all can put down the pitch forks, put away the tar n feathers, you'll live till tomorrow, the sun will rise. But there's no other way around it...


I really appreciate the lot of ya that took this as it was, a joke.

Some of yall clearly need to take the corn cobb out of your collective asses.

All in all, the response I got proved one thing, this is a comic yall feel passionate about and (Im guessing) want to see more like it. Done.

Gimme time, but I will redraw "Filling the Empty Spot." And Im going to expand the story to better explain the how everything comes together at the end. What happened to the "mentioned" interviewees, how the...
[ Continued ... ]
Anyone going to Pillowfort? Posted 1 year ago
Figured I'd ask around and see if anyone has given it a shot. A lot of NSFW artists I follow seem to be ditching twitter and migrating there so was seeing if it was worth checking out. Or maybe I should just put work into my pixiv account.

Honestly, I can't take twitter anymore and I'm probably gonna ditch it regardless.