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League of legends! Posted 9 years ago
Hey eka's! ^_^

Been ages since I last updated this blog. Never been one for social networks and the constant updating of them hehe. Well, as my terraria post before, this one is about a video game too! league of legends. Kahmori and I both enjoy the game and have been playing for a few days now. I was wondering how many of you out there enjoyed the game as well! I'll be 100% honest and say I'm not very good but we usually only play vs bots. Anyone else out there interested in playing a few games with us maybe? ^^ It might be dangerous hanging out with two preds, but it's only your health! <3 nothing too important.
Terraria! Posted 10 years ago
Hey everyone!(everyone that reads this anywho)

Kitts and I have began to play a bit of terraria(A bit is a vast understatement as we've been playing nearly non-stop for a few days now) and I was wondering if anyone else on eka's might have played this as well. 2 people is great but I think a few more would be very enjoyable and even more entertaining in this game. If enough people respond I might consider setting up a dedicated server.

Anyone out there play this? Interested in playing with a few other vore members from eka's?
Eka's, Dubbing down? Posted 10 years ago
When I first joined Eka's a few years back I used to browse the seeking role play forums quite often. Sometimes I would almost be excited to do such as most of the posts were very detailed with people who would post at the very least a good paragraph or two describing their character and another 2-3 describing their tastes and their ideas for a possible role play. I even manage to meet one of the most amazing guys in the world through the seeking role play forums, he and I have been best friends for nearly four years now.

Now...I feel a sense of dread when I browse the seeking role play forums. I watched as the years progressed as five paragraph posts turned into four, then three...two...and now people are barely even posting more then a sentence in some of their posts. I...
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The RP's! And computer troubles. Posted 11 years ago
This entry is more of a silly rant about bad customer service then anything of importants(Not that anything I write here is actually important :3 but I can pretend so!).

About a month ago I shut off my computer late at night and climbed exhausted into bed :3 sleeping peacefully and waking up roughly 8 hours later to find out that my computer wouldn't start. The light would come on and I'd hear that uproar that sounds like someone vacuuming but beyond that my computer wouldn't boot up, it would just sit at a blank screen. Later that day I take it into best buy. It's still underwarrenty so I'm not worried about payment, just the time it's going to take to have it repaired. So I leave it with them and they will run some tests. About four days later I get a call and they tell me I...
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D&D and random bits! Posted 11 years ago
It's been ages since I've updated this blog. I live a very comfortable and mellow life, Keep myself a bit sheltered and just spend most of my time online(Mostly with Kahmori! *squeezy hugs <3) So I rarely have anything interesting to talk about. Most of my past blog posts are just linkies to random funnies. So I think this blog post shall be about them too!

Any TF2 will love this little animation!

We didn't start the flame war!

Just two links...
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Back to Preding! Posted 12 years ago
So! Back on the prowl for more tasty furries or other fantasy creatures to be devoured. I recently(Thanks to eka <3!) was able to renew my original RP post. So far only 2 people have actually seemed to read and respond how I wanted. Most just left tiny baiting messages which I can't tell you how much I hate. If someone is interested in RPing they should come to me, Not make me chase them. That sounds a little self centered I know, But I'm just sick of the one liner come and get me posts or PM's, Even more so when I posted exactly how one should reply.

Here's my new looking for RP post! viewtopic.php?f=31&t=18850 You can see me becoming frustrated when I...
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Hrm! F/F vore is stalking my mind? Posted 12 years ago
Well! It's true :P I think one of the only straight female preds on eka's is going bi-sexual hehe. Perhaps anywho! I've always done a huge amount of F/M, Domination, Soft vore, AV, Footpaw fetish. You name it!...except unbirth (When males can squeeze a lemon out of their penises without complaining then I'll do UB! to me it just seems to more like child birth which I'm deathly afraid of :P). But they have almost always been the same. Males begging to be eaten out of RP and then pretending they don't want it in rp! I'm not saying that's bad. Everyone has their fantasies and I'm glad that I could RP well enough to let a...
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Rant...cause I is angry :( Posted 12 years ago
Sigh, I don't really like blowing up at people or saying how I feel. Seems anytime you say how you truly feel about a select group of people you are instantly labeled a bitch. I've been RPing a lot lately and...(incoming rant) I have to say a lot of you need to pull your head out of your asses. An RP isn't only just about you and whatever twisted little fantasies you have in your head. It takes two people to RP. Think about your partner and their likes/dislikes. Don't assume the whole RP is about you and how you want to get off.

Don't get pissed when someone doesn't want to RP. Just because you feel like getting off to an RP right then and there doesn't mean others have to RP with you. Don't blow up at them because you don't get your way every single time. Another thing. A...
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New stuffs? Nah! Posted 12 years ago
Well, Just as the title says hehe, Nothing real new or interesting going on in my life. Still working on a number of stories and I often wonder if any of them will get completed, Once I feel up to working on them I seem to just get writers block :p oh well. Been playing a lot of left 4 dead lately! been really fun, That and fallout 3. I've downloaded so many mods for it >.> I'm thinking of getting operation anchorage here in a few days. They will also be releasing "The Pit" which is yet another expansion. The 3rd one is called broken steel which should be out sometime this year which completely removes the ending and lets you continue. I'll see about getting one of the...
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It's been awhile! Posted 12 years ago
Heya all! ^_^

Been ages since I last posted an entry. Been really busy with random bits. I caught the WoW plague for a bit :3. Been playing that for the last month or so. Finally getting bored of it hehe. Had a 80 paladin! I felt so mighty :3 but I think I'll have to stick with holy if I wanted to be in an end game raiding guild. With makes me sad so I decided to take a break.

Jonathan and I have been playing a zombie survival game called "Left 4 dead" lately. It's been so much fun! Not to mention the best part. Jonathans there! yay! *Stupid happy grin* He's so cute ^^ so sweet! and so dreamy. All mine too! >:P

Oh yesh! z story I've been writing. It's nearing completion! I'd say about 60ish% done! ^_^. I've never tried my hand at writing...
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