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Unexpected comeback?? Posted 5 years ago
Hi y'all!!

It's been quite some time eh, something like... 2 years?? Whelp I guess that's what a job usually does to you.

BUT!! I never stopped working on personal stuff regardless, which ALSO means vore stuff.
And after *countless* hours spent on this one, I can finally present you:


"But yo dude wth is this thing oughta nowhere?? Where are the drawings?? :CCC"
I know I know!! Drawings are still coming (hopefully!) BUT this time I just wanted to try something new and got myself into 3D modeling and rendering.
And honestly I realized that it...
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Still alive, new stuff coming soonish! Posted 7 years ago
Ok guys, long time no see but I'm still very alive!
This year's been REALLY REALLY freaking busy for me. Exams will be at the end of next month, then it's 100% HOLIDAY!!
That means I'll finally have much more leisure time to finish up all the things I've got in store for you.
About that, I'll make a list down here of all the stuff I've been working on and that I'll release hopefully
within one or two months after the end of my exams (that means this summer).

Next 3 pics of the Lavender/FutaTwilight series
FutaScootaloo/Sweetie Belle CV sequence
FutaLuna/Rarity CTF sequence

Everything will be same size. Some of it is full pony, some of it is anthro.
Aside from the Lavander series, all the other drawings are entirely made...
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Merry Christmas!!! Posted 7 years ago
Hi everyone!! I hope you're all doing well and having fun today :D
I would have loved to post my next drawing on Christmas Day but I've been a lazy ass and couldn't finish it in time x( please forgive me.
I'll get it done & colored asap!! Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays everyone!!