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Unexpected comeback??

Posted by SilverHornedDeer 4 years ago


Hi y'all!!

It's been quite some time eh, something like... 2 years?? Whelp I guess that's what a job usually does to you.

BUT!! I never stopped working on personal stuff regardless, which ALSO means vore stuff.
And after *countless* hours spent on this one, I can finally present you:


"But yo dude wth is this thing oughta nowhere?? Where are the drawings?? :CCC"
I know I know!! Drawings are still coming (hopefully!) BUT this time I just wanted to try something new and got myself into 3D modeling and rendering.
And honestly I realized that it was much easier than I initially thought!! Although it's really, REALLY time consuming.

CREDIT ISN'T ALL MINE THOUGH!! Admittedly, I didn't make these models from scratch.
For the body, I took Endlessillusion's Futa Pinkie Pie body as a base (, posed it, then modified it heavily while replacing the head with KP-ShadowSquirrel's pony Rarity model ( ... -215785522), then modifiying that as well.
I then added Applejack and re-scupted Rarity's cock (and balls) so that it'd show the bulges.

All these imports and modifications also meant countless compatibility errors to fix and obstacles to avoid, and most of the time I worked on this was just spent on figuring out how to make everything work without any rendering issues.

Finally, all the painting, coloring and texturing process was entirely me.

"What now though?? What does this all mean for the future?!"
Well, I actually kinda don't know! I've been enjoying this whole modeling thing A LOT actually and I thing I'm gonna try and see if I can make something else, hopefully of much better quality and detail. I don't know if I'm ever gonna try and do animations tho, that's probably much more of a pain than still sculpting.
"What about 3D prints??"
Maybe one day!! But not for this one. Reason is that I made it without taking printing into consideration, which means that if I were to try it'd come out awfully bad. Also insanely high prices to get a decent quality one.
"Do you take commissions now??"
I'm still thinking about it!! You could try and send an idea to me and I may consider trying my hand at it if I like it. No promises though, I'm a busy fellow :C


Final Polygon count: 1,222,648

Programs used:

Lastly, thanks to everyone who's STILL reading this for sticking with me for so long. I really hope I won't blackout for another 2 years now hehe.
I hope you've enjoyed this lil project of mine :3
See y'all around!!
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