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You people are NUTS! XD Posted 7 years ago
22 New watchers

and 152 Favs?!

You people are bananas! XD

But thanks for all the watching an faving from all you~ <3 *free cookies for everyone*

Make sure to look up each artists that I give credit to so you can go fav their stuff as well! they deserve it ^^
Very Big Uploading Posted 7 years ago
I have alot of stuff I need to put on here and I mean alot XD. Gifts,doodles,sketches,outlines,trades, etc! I just have alot!!

I hope you people will enjoy the things I put up since I'll be posting alot for a few days. Oh comments are always loved to so yea :3
This Chu has a Tumblr! Posted 7 years ago
Yea i'v had one for a while now xwx I dont think anyone really cares. But if you people want you can follow me or ask me derpy questions
Nice to Meet you! Posted 7 years ago
Ello nice to meet you all :3 I'm Frost or..well skittymint as the name says XP I'm from FA known as shadowgod200. I use to be here along time ago but then I get herped then the site derped and I couldn't get on here till i was 18 again..which at the time made me want to kill 30 ninja's.. ( don't give me that look you'd do the same thing to if you got banned for something small.. ) anyways yes i'm 18 now so don't flip out XD I may sound like a child sometimes but that's just how i'v always been.. somethings never change >w>; *cough* ...

I'v been known as the blue pikachu / ninetailed wolf... not a fox people a wolf please don't get that mixed up! you have no idea how many times i'v gone through people saying " cool fox!" I just go abnfhsdbnvadfhasd on them lol....
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