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Happy Easter Posted 6 years ago
Enjoy the Holiday. Stay Safe.

The Comissions are coming along and get ready for a art dump this coming week. :wink:
SpringBreak and Catching up here Posted 6 years ago
Finally have time to get my commissions done! I Do hope to try and stay more in touch with friends here. Wish me luck! :-D
Seasons Greetings. Posted 6 years ago
Hope Everyone has a wonderful holiday. Be safe.

I have a lot of plans this coming year. :-D
Happy Thanksgiving and Commissions Posted 7 years ago
Like for everyone to enjoy yourselves the next couple of days, and don't over eat.... which is hilarious coming from a vore site.
Anyway, have fun. :-D

As comissions go. PM me i'm finally having more time to work them. Also the ones that i need to finish, thank you for be very patient with me. I'll finish those as quickly as i can. Anyway if you have more questions. PM me. Thank you everyone.
Happy Halloween Posted 7 years ago
Hi everyone, Hope you guys enjoy tonight.

Stay safe. :-D
Happy Holidays Posted 7 years ago
Tis the season. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves. I know i will.

Those of you with commissions, i will finish asap. Til then it's Egg Nog Time! 83~
Open for comissions Posted 8 years ago
Quite a few have asked me in question. So i'm going to be open about it.

After playing catch up, and RL circumstances. Yes, i' am now open for commissions. For those who are already being worked on, yes. yours will be the first to be finished. However, for those still curious. PM me and we can discuss the details.

Just wanted to clear the air of any doubts or being unsure of my position.

Thanks everyone. :)
Back and Free. Posted 8 years ago
Now, i'm clear of a lot of backlog of works aside. i 'm finally now able to working on what i like. It's great to be back. I had to learn the hard way that commissioning too much can be overwhelming, especially with RL in the way. But i finally gotten over that hill. Feelz good man.

I'll now pace myself and be more in contact with comissioners. Gotta be more organized about it. :-D
Commissions and Works Posted 8 years ago
College has been holding me back a bit. But i'm getting through the commissions bit by bit. Thank you for being patient with my slow ass. Once this little bundle is done i can focus on the certain clients asking. On another note. I'm going to drop some my scribble work that i've build a bit up to pacify the lack of updating i have here as well as Characters profiles . Cause you guys deserve more then what i've been throwing out.

Til then. :wink:
EggNog Time. Posted 8 years ago
Tis the Season, ya know. Like to say Happy Holidays to Everyone, Be safe.

Also to notify those that have comissioned me that i'm on it. No worries. :wink: