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I'm not dead. Posted 14 years ago
Hi again everyone. I've been kind under the radar as of recently. Mostly of studying/exams. Have ta apologies for the little to no active updates(though i've posted a pic up or two know and then) Anyway, just to let ya know I'm back, and should be updating by this week.

Later :wink:
Back again Posted 15 years ago
Hello everyone. To those who were wondering where I've been for the past weeks, my com died on me sadly. I have been using my laptop to stay in touch but without posting unfortunately. But now all is well.^^ Got a new com with a new scanner. Now all i need is a OC tablet and i'll be set. ^^

Anyway, Just saying I'm back and active and have a load of pics to post in the immediate future

Later everyone,

to friends and those who care.
Ok, here I go. Posted 15 years ago
Heh. This is my first time using blog so bear with me.^^
I guess all i can say is to thank everyone.That has viewed, voted and or commented on my work. I really appreciated it and i hope to do more. But sadly I'm in a bit of a drawers block. Trying to think of new things can be difficult sometimes. If anyone of you folks out there could give me some ideas or advice i would greatly appreciate it. You people out there h artist, author or otherwise can give alot of inspiration. :D