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New Year, Still Empty Posted 2 years ago
I'll probably never have this filled with anything. Still pondering if email addresses can be changed though. Then maybe I can have some more activity going on around here.
No Seriously, Nature Didn't Hold Back Posted 3 years ago
Well Irma's done its damage, but Maria's the new storm of 28 it would appear. Those about to be afflicted, just can't seem to get a break. I offer my safe wishes to those in Maria's path.
Nature Didn't Hold Back Posted 3 years ago
First it was Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas, now it's Hurricane Irma along the east coast. Sheesh, I think Mother Nature is ticked off. At the current EPA Administrator.

But enough of that. I hope that those who're in Irma's path remain safe & sound. Also... Can I request an email address change for this site? I wanna be able to switch the one I use.

Anyway, for those who're in Irma's path: Stay safe.
It's a New Year... Posted 3 years ago
And I'm still scatterbrained about updating this thing. Ugh. Anyway, I'm still doing what I do over on Fur Affinity. As usual, you'll need to go there to see what I've been up to as that's where all my stuff goes anyway. You might be surprised to see I'm lacking in the vore department, because all I've been writing is mud, mud, and more mud. I had a story for Starcross going, but it disappeared from my folder somehow. I don't know if I deleted it at some point or mistake, or it was misplaced. Anyway, yeah. It's back to square 1 on that department. Am I the only one that hates it when you have to go back to square one?
So September Draws to a Close Soon Posted 5 years ago
And there hasn't been any talk of the world ending this month, or in the near future. Perhaps people have finally wised up that we won't see the world end this year, or anytime in these thousands. The only time this world will end will be when the sun implodes, which won't be for another 5,000,000,000 years.

So anyway, I might need to change my email address for this place, but the thing is, I'm not sure if it's possible. :/ So yeah, world ending? Bulltalk rumor. Don't believe everything you see on the internet.
Been a While, eh? Posted 5 years ago
Been a while since I updated hasn't it? Well, to put things straight, it's been over a year since I've been here, and yet I remain mostly inactive over here. I've yet to get anything submitted on here, but someday, that'll change. Just don't know when.
Looking For More RP Partners Posted 6 years ago
I have no specific RP partner, but it often never hurts to have loads of them, does it? Anyhow, I'm looking for more folks to roleplay with, but not on here as the PMs here don't elongate after three phrases, and the chatrooms are rather... Well, I'd rather not say. I'm more active RP wise on FurAffinity, and on Skype.

My FA account is here. But my Skype is reserved to those I can trust and call a friend.
Follow Me on FurAffinity Posted 6 years ago
I'm tons more active over on FA. So if you want to see some stuff from me, check out my FA profile, and make sure your mature filter is set to higher levels so that you can see some of the more adult related works I have. I'm a story writer, so expect some sexy stories over there. X3 Here's my profile on FurAffinity. Hope to see you guys there.
Submission help? Posted 6 years ago
I might like to start uploading a few things onto here. But I need to get the gallery up & running somehow.

How can accomplish?