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12/20/2019 - Happy Holidays! Posted 1 month ago
Hey guys! I decided to really just color some old pictures for Xmas, so I hope you enjoy some mimic/Monster-in-a-box pictures! It feels nicely personal when your pred comes in gift wrapped for the holidays!

Anyway, take care and happy holidays!
10/31/2019 - Happy Halloween! Posted 2 months ago
Here's 9 new pictures just for today! I hope you all enjoy your Halloween!
10/20/2019 - New pages! Posted 3 months ago
Wooo! Managed to get 9 new pages for this week! Despite life going out of it's way to TANK MY SCHEDULE! I hope I can make the goals that I wanted to achieve for this month...

Anyway, have a great day!
10/07/2019 - update and plans Posted 3 months ago
Got 8 new pictures for yal'.

I think what I'm gonna' do for this month is focus on coloring some of my pictures involving ghosts and maybe draw up some more pictures with Resident Evil characters.

Anyway, have a good day!
9/22/2019 - New update! Posted 4 months ago
Welp...took a bit longer than I wanted it too, but I got 10 new pictures up. It only took falling asleep in my chair and getting scared by a BIG spider for me to get this done...feh…

...I hate spiders...

Yal' have a good day...
8/4/2019 - Small Update Posted 5 months ago
5 new pictures uploaded!

Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm gonna' try and make any vore day pictures this year.
I'll probably just color in some old ones, though I might change my mind. We'll see.
6/18/2019 - New update! Posted 7 months ago
Just uploaded 8 new drawings. Hope ya' guys like em'!
5/27/2019 - Memorial Day update! Posted 7 months ago
Here you go, guys! 17 new pictures uploaded for Memorial Day! A mix of vore and non-vore, but I hope you all like em'!

Have a great day!
5/24/2019 - Pre-Memorial Day Update! Posted 7 months ago
Just 6 new pictures updated before the big weekend. I hope all of you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Take care!
5/5/2019 - Update...again. Posted 8 months ago
Well, I managed to quickly finish 6 more pictures for the weekend.

I hope you all enjoy em'! :)