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6/23/2020 - Small Update Posted 4 months ago
Yeah, just 3 pictures this time with one of em' having actual vore. Hope ya'll still like em'.

So, who's excited for Min Min in Smash Ultimate? She looks fun to play. To be honest, I was in the "voting for Twintelle" crowd, but it's probably better that Min Min got in, instead of us probably getting Bayonetta 2.0.

In any case, I hope all of you have a good day!
6/21/2020 - New Art! Posted 4 months ago
10 new pictures! Though, a lot of it is picture of fat dudes, but there are 2 pictures of Violet the Worm Woman and Yumi Chou!

I hope you enjoy em', and have a great day!
3/26/2020 - Another Year around the bend. (37) Posted 7 months ago
Welp...reached my birthday again. Gotta' say, this latest rotation has taken some wild turns. Still though, I hope to have many more of em' to share with all of ya'.

Thanks for the year. :)
3/24/2020 - Small Update Posted 7 months ago
4 new pictures today! Two of em' are part of my Resident Evil: Mod Madness group, and the other two to celebrate  Mirrormind101's birthday! I hope you like em' and all of you have a wonderful day!
3/14/2020 - New drawings! Posted 7 months ago
In fact, I have 9 new pictures today. Some of them non-vore, but I wanted to share anyway.

In any case, have a good day!
2/16/2020 - New update! Posted 8 months ago
I hope everyone enjoyed Valentines day! Anyway, here's 5 new drawings that I hope ya'll like!

Have a great day!
1/23/2020 - First new post of the new year, Second new pictures posted of the new year Posted 9 months ago
Got 4 new pictures in today. I hope ya'll enjoy!
12/20/2019 - Happy Holidays! Posted 10 months ago
Hey guys! I decided to really just color some old pictures for Xmas, so I hope you enjoy some mimic/Monster-in-a-box pictures! It feels nicely personal when your pred comes in gift wrapped for the holidays!

Anyway, take care and happy holidays!
10/31/2019 - Happy Halloween! Posted 11 months ago
Here's 9 new pictures just for today! I hope you all enjoy your Halloween!
10/20/2019 - New pages! Posted 1 year ago
Wooo! Managed to get 9 new pages for this week! Despite life going out of it's way to TANK MY SCHEDULE! I hope I can make the goals that I wanted to achieve for this month...

Anyway, have a great day!