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New Years Resolutions Posted 2 weeks ago
So it’s New Years! You know what THAT means! SO-called “RESOLUTIONS” that people will forget about tomorrow.

In the spirit of this, I Resolve this year that I shall write at LEAST 2 RWBY stories, 2 Nintendo-related stories, and 2 Disney related stories.

And I resolve to try and write at least one story a month

Thanks for reading and Happy New Years
200 watches Posted 1 month ago
As of an hour or so ago I’m officially at 200 watches. Thank you EVERYONE.
Halloween poll Posted 3 months ago
Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone who has read my new slenderwoman story.
If you’ve read the description for that you’ll see that I decided to write three other ‘spooky’ monster girl stories this month, I’ve already got a firm idea for two of the three, but I thought you all Might like some input too, so I’ve put up another one of my infrequent polls to see which idea you would all like to see. Here’s the link: https://strawpoll.com/8fcdse1c
The poll will be open for about a week, maybe longer. Good luck and thanks again for reading, all your views and faves and comments keep me going.
Birthday today! Posted 4 months ago
Another year gone by.
This year for my birthday, I have a request for anybody who bothers to read this. Please, comment and tell me which of my various stories I have written has been your favorite and why. Looking forward to see if anybody will bother or not.
Stay hangry my friends.
Happy Vore Day! Posted 5 months ago
Vore day 2019 in the house!!! Hey all! Happy vore day! New story to be posted later! Actually? Make that two stories, two quick one-shots staring the cast of Konosuba. To be uploaded around 5:30-6:00 EST. Keep watching this space and have a lovely belly-filled day!
Monster girl poll Posted 9 months ago
So just an update on the monster girls sequel poll I put up big surprise that the Taurus, Lamia and centaur won big with 5 votes for Lydia and Kalli getting 5 and 4 votes each. Raven came in second with two and everyone else got one vote except for poor heathertge dragonewt who got none. So centaur and lamia will be given extra consideration for sequels thanks for voting everyone.
Ff one shot poll results Posted 9 months ago
Hey all! Just want to give a heads up on the FF oneshot poll!

In first place with eight votes was Lenna from FFV,
In second with 6 votes was FFIX, so after Lenna, Beatrix Or Freya will get their chance for noms
And third with 5 votes was FF VII so most likely Aerith or Elena will be third.
Thanks everyone for reading and also for voting!
Monster girl Sequels Posted 9 months ago
Hey all, but particularly to my monster girl readers, this is not a binding thing, but I’m interested to see which girl people are most interested in seeing a sequel for when I next do one. Here’s the link to the poll https://strawpoll.com/717rk494
4-1-2019 Posted 9 months ago
Hi all! Got A new poll out for my Final fantasy one-shots. The poll is here: poll is now closed
You will notice a lack of girls after IX, that is because I’ve only finished 1 through 9 I’ve played part of 10 and 12 so I don’t know those ones as well. Don’t let that discourage you though, simple chose ‘other’ and add the name and game number in the comments.
3/3/2019 Plans For future Posted 10 months ago
Hi all! its been a few months. Thought id give a status update on what to expect going forward

Vorish Life with Monster Girls: So as many of you who bother to read these will have seen, I did a much-requested sequel To DLwaH Oni. don't get used to sequels just yet though, ive still got at least 3 more Monster Girls I want to do before any more sequels show up. (although I do have sequel ideas for Dragonewt, Lamia, Centauress And Dullahan planned so far.) I have one nearly finished but I think i'll save it for Halloween. Have fun guessing who that will be. (Hint, you never see her in daylight, hint 2 It might be a vampiress, but it also might not. there are plenty of Hungry girls who don't care much for the bright light of day. As for my next Fresh Girl, well, let's just say...
[ Continued ... ]