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Hi Posted 7 years ago
I am in need of help.
I am looking for a couple of fanfiction.
Can anyone please help me?

Story 1.
It where Neji is Hokage and Naruto becomes bitter. He gets a girlfriend who is a vampire.
All the girls never gave naruto a chance.
Kiba gets attacked and crippled.

Story 2.
Kakashi and his team take on three missions. Two of the clients don't like naruto and don't pay him. Kakashi dosen't care.
One misson was chasing the damn cat and gets paid.
Second mission is taking boxes down into a celler or something. The guy says Naruto was lazy and won't pay him.
The hokage orders an anbu to spy on team 7
I think a anbu that was following team 7 was dissapointed with kakashi.
And he might of trained...
[ Continued ... ]