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NEW PFP TIME Posted 3 weeks ago
Non-vore Artist recommendations Posted 1 month ago
Anyone know any artists on the site with really good non vore stuff? Preferably those who draw really big booba lol

I wanna comm something not vorny thanks bye
200k views Posted 1 month ago
Damn ok

People like shygals huh
Decidueye Posted 2 months ago
I need a decidueye OC

That is all
Serious question for art commissioners PART TWO Posted 3 months ago
What do you guys do if an artist says they're gonna refund you for something that you commissioned six months ago and they haven't shown a sketch or anything on, and then they disappear? Is there anything you can do or is it just hope they just didnt ghost?
It's my birthday Posted 3 months ago
Screw it I'm unprivating everything Posted 3 months ago
Re: Privating Posted 4 months ago
I lied I'm Privating everything sorry lol if you want me to send files of specific images DM me and maybe I'll respond
Over Vore? Posted 4 months ago
Idk I think I might just be over Vore, at least for a good while. It just really doesn't interest me that much anymore and I don't really enjoy it at all, and really haven't for a while now, just convincing myself I did. That among other reasons as well. So besides a few things that were already on the way this will be it

Sorry guys

PS I don't plan on privating my gallery or anything like that currently tho so you can all still enjoy it if you want to, although that could change eventually
Idk what to do Posted 5 months ago
I'm kinda over the whole "alcremified versions of other pokemon" thing, so I don't really know what to do with the characters that I've got that are that. Idk if I should just sell em or keep em in case I want them later

What do