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PostyBirb Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone, I havn't been uploading things to any of my galleries that aren't FA, and I do regret it.
It's a bit difficult to maintain more than one gallery, but not doing so and putting all your stock in one website is a frankly stupid idea.

I'll do better to try and be consistent from here on, but first I must catch up on uploads!
To do both of these I'll be experimenting with PostyBirb and post queues (if I can).

Have you heard of PostyBirb?
If you have, do you like it? Do you think it's worth using consistently?
Do you think there are any issues with using it to maintain a gallery?
What about those who haven't heard of it until now? What do you think? :3
A Hot Minute... Posted 1 year ago

It's been a hot minute since I really made an effort to make regular updates here. Honestly managing more than one gallery is just hard for me. I'm going to try to use postybirb more and update regularly! It seems like a decent little app. :3 I don't have much to say other than that but having not posted a blog post in almost 2 years now!!! WOW!!! That's a long time, and of COURSE I've been active on FA. ;w;

Also I really love my username here. Glad I chose it!
I'm like sprinkles anyway hehe, a small multicolored doggy, fit to be a topping on other sweet things as a snack. >w<
I checked to see if the name was taken on FA a minute ago, and it is lol. But it's not the end of the world to be known by different usernames? Right?
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The Revival Episode Posted 4 years ago
Something... something scared me off this site before, and I'm not sure what.
But I've started to learn how to deal with scary things.
I myself went through a year of some pretty bad troubles.
Learning feels good, and it's nice to see myself getting used to dealing with scary things.

Anyway. The point of this is that I'm back.
On Eka's. I'm also on FA, DA, Tumblr and IB.
I've been more active on those platforms, though.
I'm going to change that today. With this, I bring you.

So. How's everyone?
Here's some cool tunes:
Changes to come~! Posted 6 years ago
First of all, happy New Year! Let's kick 2k14's ass by being better in '15!!
I learned a lot about myself in '14. And I'm planning on learning more and becoming a better person in 2k15.

Anyway, that said, I'm planning a lot of changes with how things are working around here!
One of which will be dumping SAI entirely. >:O

As much as I love SAI it's been acting like a complete jerk with filetypes/size and opening files in general and I'm sick of it.
I currently have ClipStudio or whatever you want to call it pfff. I'm having a bit of fun trying to learn how to use it better so that I can start doing commissions on there rather than SAI. So that's one big change!

Another big thing I need to do is use all of the sites I'm on...
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quick psa Posted 6 years ago

please dont try to hint at something with me, i can't pick up on things like that sorry

if you have something to say, a question or something, please just be direct

otherwise i will not understand what's going on

i'm saying this because some people have gotten mad at me for not knowing what they were saying
when it's like, oh i was not actually aware of whats going on to be honest
i cant pick up signals
i cant read between the lines
im not good at understanding double meanings
i not very good at communicating in general
or any of that stuff

please just be direct, it's best for everyone

also please don't assume anything
i try to get to every message,...
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What is the best about vore? Posted 6 years ago
To you, what is the best thing about vore. If you could choose just one thing.
For me, I like the absolute fear the prey feels.

Share and chat if you want to!
Question about underage vore Posted 6 years ago
In your opinion would vore art involving underage characters be not okay.
Would you personally consider it a form of pedophilia?
Please share your thoughts.
My other question, would it be allowed on Eka's or FurAffinity?

I know this is a bit of a touchy subject since a lot of people actually do enjoy vore as much more than art. It is considered a sexual fetish.
This topic interests me, because to me it is okay, just not for everyone. Since underage characters are not necessarily involved in sexual acts or nude in vore art.
However I'm open to your ideas and thoughts on the subject.
Sorry I'm not great at expressing ideas in words.
update Posted 6 years ago
okay, im feeling way better now

i have had a lot of things going on recently, and for anyone wondering why i havnt been posting much of anything:
we recently had a family situation where i needed to be around for a good while, it seems like my part is done but im not sure how long the whole ordeal will last
i had to finish moving things from my moms house to my house because she threatened to throw everything away if i did not
in general cleaning the house up b/c i have found out that living with three grown men is not great, they hardly clean up after themselves
and finally, an art block i was trying to beat down though all of this

im going to make a page on my "homepage" website of aa list of all the commissions i have been...
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Shoot. Posted 6 years ago
I was sprung with a bill for $400 suddenly that I had no idea was even a thing until tonight. So I need just a little bit of help from you guys and a rigorous schedule. This is what I intend to do.

Right now I am currently working on 4 commissions, one in progress, three on the way and one being talked about. These commissions are 100% going to rent for this month and food. It has already been determined.

Between these full-scale commissions I will be open for doing slightly cheaper sketch commissions in-between. Things I can do as breaks from comics and full-colored illustrations.

I'm dropping the one-a-day challenge in favor of keeping a steadfast schedule on these commissions to try and get them done all within the next week. I'm hoping to be...
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sorry about unproductive! Posted 6 years ago
i have just been really really tired and i dont know why

for those im working on commissions for, i just got myself over a block, but im still just hecka tired.
hopefully i can actually work decently soon! then ill be able to send you drafts!

im really sorry about all the waiting! i wish i knew how to be more alert and productive right now

everything just seems really hard to do lately