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Twitter Posted 1 year ago
Check out Stickyglobule (@stickyglobule):

Hi if you like my work please follow me maybe?
The twitters function will be to show completed works but also sketches and the little things ive done that may not warrant an ekas portal post.
Resume Commissions Posted 2 years ago
Im gonna resume coms now.

There is written proof of this so barring any issues with lack of sleep I'll resume tuesday and I cant weasel out of it like i have the past half dozen times i said i 'might'.

Im committed now.
COMS CLOSED Posted 2 years ago
So... I got 23 submissions in a little less than 5 hours. ... uh, thanks. So much for leaving it open for 24hrs That was quick. So ... i want to start working immediately.

It will take time to chew through them all but im game...
Thank you, really.
Stream Coms Batch 3 Posted 2 years ago
Hi. So this is my third official batch of stream coms.

I started calling them stream coms and I think im going to honor that for now. Ive offered a colored option as well if you feel like its worth it, go ahead and get it. Are these stream coms any more? No, not really. Though, I might prioritize people if they are in the stream. I want to promote and show gratitude towards people who visit my streams somehow. If you can bear me scratching out my eyes and complaining about everything I do, then I think thats the least I can do to show gratitude.


I am going to florida on the 19th I will be away for about a week please factor that in, I wont be able to draw during that time, at all.

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No Stream tonight 2.5.19 Posted 2 years ago
I had an unexpected thing happen that forced me to sleep late. I dont think I can even finish a single drawing before i have to be pulled away tonight for work. Im typing this literally as I wake up. So what i want to do is try a stream for tomorrow, Wednesday.
Stream com update v2.0 2.5.19 Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone. Im really pleased with the rate of turn over for these coms. All things considered they arent as fatiguing. This was always planned. I want to permit options. For an additional price i want to include some simple colors. Some shades some highlights for a flat 10 extra. Base price coming up to 35$. Its my hope that i can maintain a decent pace in regards to this additional format.

Id like some input on whether or not that would be interesting to some people -- a strawpoll:

I was a little concerned that several people requested coms at once. I was at 13 or so coms in line at a point and i felt that some people waited so...
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Stream Com Update Posted 2 years ago
So i nearly burned out this weekend streaming 3 straight days I need to take them in more manageable chunks.

I plan to resume Tuesday the 22nd, 5pm-6pm Est. I plan to do at least two. If you submitted a com please attend!
Stream coms tomorrow Posted 2 years ago
So, thursday evening I plan to host a com stream. I may have time for one or two depending.

the price will be 25$ per. With additional charges for things that deserve it.

I kinda hosted an impromptu version where i just kinda hashed out what i expected from the coms myself. Enjoy those and thanks to those people who bought them!

Im expecting to log on maybe 5pm EST tomorrow. If not I'll make another blog post.
Me soon come Posted 2 years ago
Ay I soon allow coms in future near. I am only accepting them a single way. You have to come to my shitty stream:


And when I say its okay i'll accept a few coms and draw them in an insta grat style. Meaning specifically I'll try to get your image done in under an hour. Its essentially a sketch-quality but i'll look nice. I think.

Prices now are $25 per. Complicated characters, poses, extra characters, internals, backgrounds and those sorts of things will cost extra depending on their complexity. the range for any of those items will be $5-$15 extra per item.

I am tentatively going to...
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Happy New Year Posted 2 years ago
Happy Chumpyear, you chumps. Get chomped and fap to it or something this year. Turn it up. Do something new!