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New Story Posted 10 months ago
Just a quick update to announce a new story series. New story is posted in my plants folder under The Shortcut. It is a departure from Sasha but I've had it floating around in my head for quite awhile now and I figured I would see anyone likes it.
New Sasha Story Posted 1 year ago
Well it was years in the making but the Sasha story is finally done and posted. I apologize on how long it too to finish and I hope everyone likes it. I do have more in the works with Riley too if anyone wants me to post them.
writing again Posted 1 year ago
I know I disappeared again for an extended amount of time between the pandemic and raising a small child I have been unable to find time to write. For that I deeply apologize and am happy to that with my daughter starting in person 1st grade next year and attending day camp this summer I will finally be able to continue with the much anticipated Sasha story that I promised and perhaps a new series with another character I feel might be interesting. I hope to have the new Sasha story posted sometime withing the next couple of days and with a little luck be working a brand new non-sasha story soon.
Back finally Posted 6 years ago
Once again I have to apologize for a prolonged absence. This time it was due to the happy occurrence of my daughters arrival. I happy to report that the family is doing well and we are all settled in our new larger home. I am also happy to report that I have one Sasha story and one non Sasha story in the works and hope to have at least one posted as soon as possible if my dragon whelp will allow me computer time finally.
I'm Back Posted 7 years ago
I apologize for the extended Hiatus that was forced upon me. Thankfully I'm back now and I would like to announce that I have posted the long awaited new Sasha story. This one has a twist at the end, a chose your own ending of sorts, please comment on the story and help vote for the continuation in the next story. thanks and it's good to be writing again. :-D
New Stories Posted 9 years ago
Sorry about the lag between my stories. Real life caught up to me when I lost my net. I'm back now and I hope to have a new story or two posted soon.