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Hi! (No.2: electric boogaloo but it's just an update) Posted 1 month ago
Hi! I was meant to type this up and put it up on Monday but uhh, I just plainly forgot... so that's fun!

Some of you might have realised that for almost an entire month now, I've pretty much been completely inactive outside of favouriting a few pieces earlier this week. I just needed a bit of a break from most things, but I should be back to being more active again now, in fact I wanna talk about some miscellaneous stuff!

Firstly, I wanna talk about some anime I've recently started watching, two specifically: Beast Tamer and My Master has No Tail. Both only have their first episode (though the latter's second episode drops today, like literally in a few minutes according to the schedule) currently but I enjoyed both thoroughly! I actually had my eye on Beast Tamer...
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Another year, another Birthday Posted 2 months ago
It's my birthday today, yaaaaaay… mmm, such enthusiasm I have, eheh. Yeah, my care towards my bday has been on the decline with every passing year, heck I didn't even acknowledge it on this site last year but I just decided I'll make a quick post about it this year. Also while it isn't bday themed or anything, I do have a story going up today. It was supposed to go up a little earlier since it was all finished a few days ago but I just chose today instead.

That's it, nice and short. Have a good day everyone, I'll try to enjoy mine. :p
Thoughts on the whole Bridget discourse Posted 3 months ago
Alright, this is something I did not expect to be making a post about a week or so ago but here we are. Just wanna make it clear I have reasons for making this post & just some of them are listed further down. I also debated whether I should just disable comments or not... and I've decided I will as this is just me giving my opinion, sharing my views and nothing more. Unfortunately with all the discourse and both sides being equally as horrible to each other over the opinions of others, I just wanna throw my own thoughts in since I don't know how many people share my similar thoughts - not the opinion the majority of twitter and reddit users have who vehemently believe this one truth & isn't open to any other opinions, but also not those who don't wanna accept that even the...
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Three Shield Hero stories dropping this week! Posted 4 months ago
Remember when I said I wanted to just write a bunch of SH stories a while back? Yep, the past few weeks have been spent working on three stories that'll all drop this week! The first story's just been uploaded, the second is planned to be uploaded on Wednesday and the final is planned for Friday. I originally planned to go for five stories but I feel three was appropriate. The two I didn't get to, I'm sure I will get to in the future, we'll see how things go as time goes by.

On a last & different note, I'll finally get to replying to comments I've received recently. It's just something I haven't been doing as of late and that needs to be fixed. xd

That's all! I hope you'll all enjoy the story that just went up as well as the two other planned stories this week...
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Hi. Posted 5 months ago
Checks last time I was online for any significant time: Mid-March.

Oh... and it's June now with next to no activity from me besides favouriting a few pieces... hmm, guess I have some explaining to do.

To start things off, I have been writing between mid-March up until now & at the moment, I have two stories ready to go up. One will hopefully be up this weekend while the other, maybe next week. There is a third story but it was a special story dedicated to a close friend, took me a whole month to write, so I doubt I'll be uploading it... mm, at least not for now but maybe I will upload it soon, we'll see.

As for why I just suddenly disappeared for about two & a half months, only very occasionally popping on but not for long enough to...
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Hopefully, February will be better! Posted 9 months ago
I really need to stop jinxing myself with my health. Said I was feeling good going into January... theeeen proceeded to fall ill a few days after I uploaded the most recent story & remained that way through most of the month. Granted, this was all most definitely due to my body having a very bad reaction to a certain jab I got... bleh.

Mh anyways, hey! January wasn't very good for me after the first week for above reasons. None of it stopped me from writing, I still continued to work on stories... but it did stop me from writing descriptions which is really bothersome. Since last month though, I have gotten some descriptions written so hey, finished descriptions means new stories! I haven't looked at any comments I might've received last month so once I've finished...
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Happy New Year! Posted 10 months ago
2022... how is 2021 over already? Time really ia flying...... anyway yeah, it's a new year! I usually post these exactly at midnight but I chose not to do that this time, for no particular reason really, I just didn't post this at midnight. I think we can all agree that 2021 was far from a good year, much better than 2020 but still, not that great. Personally speaking, I had that writing stump for a while during the middle of the year which certainly wasn't fun at all... but I think I'm past that now. Despite that, I did still get a good amount of writing done, maybe less than 2020 but I'm happy with what I have put up even though I've still got many completed stories from 2021 that I haven't uploaded yet, I'll get to them though, eventually.

You can all expect what'll...
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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Posted 11 months ago
Time really is flying by, huh... anyway, I hope you all have a great Christmas Day today & if you don't happen to celebrate, well I hope you'll have a great day all the same! Of course I've got a story going up today, one with a concept that's long been awaited so I hope you look forward to that!

That's all I really gotta say... kinda mind-blowing that there's only one week left of the year. This time though, I will have something to post for New Year's. :3
Happy Halloween! Posted 1 year ago
Checks date.

31st of October.

Oh... well then Happy Halloween! Unfortunately, I don't have anything spooky to put up - I didn't forget it or anything, I only just started to get back into writing a few days ago so I didn't really have the time nor energy to write a full Halloween themed story. I will let you all know that I am working on the next chapter of the Senko series & for those who have been waiting to see the third of the fox demigods receive the spotlight, you're in luck! I'm hoping to have the story complete & ready to be put up at some point during the following week but I can't make any promises.

That's all! Have a great spooky day, everyone! :3
Writing slump + rediscovering something great! Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone! I think you're all owed an explanation as to why I didn't upload at all last month & simply put, my motivation was just completely dead through the majority of September - any time I tried to write, my brain just fried like an egg, struggling to push more than a measly paragraph or two. Then came…something - it might seem completely unrelated but trust me, it is.

So about a month ago, I rediscovered a certain anime I watched back in 2011 that for the past 10 years, I had completely forgotten about up until recently, Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds to be specific, & I could not remember anything about how the plot went (though I did hazily remember some of the main characters) besides vaguely remembering one of the arcs. Throughout the majority of September, I bingewatched...
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