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DNP to Derpi Posted 1 month ago
Please do not upload my art to Depribooru without my permission! Whoever did that yesterday or today, I appreciate the work done but I really dont like that place, and it was done without my knowledge. I will upload my own art there when I want to, or you can at least ask me before you do. Thank you.
Discontinuing Comic Commissions Posted 4 months ago
I have come to the decision to discontinue taking comic commissions. Comics will no longer be available after this month. They have been quite complicated for me and I cant fulfill the request of the commissioner 100%. I can only fit so much into a small panel and people keep asking me for more in the middle of work. I dont want to be scrapping a bunch of pages and wasting time on it.

I love the ideas and would like to work on them but people have just been making it too complicated for me to fulfill. I might as well turn them into single image sequences.

Ill still be making comics for myself, since I know exactly how the scene plays out and keep the flow of the comic panels. Keeping things simple and quick.
Maybe Ill make some short stories that people can...
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Form Is Closed Posted 4 months ago
Ive got a lot of form applications yesterday, thank you for your applying! The form is now closed!

I am still reading over some applications and making contacts but I have plenty of them accepted too. If I dont contact you, then you can try again next month.
Allowing Comments. Posted 5 months ago
I am re-enabling comments on my latest art and some other pictures, I am starting to miss the reactions from you guys. Especially from some of my close followers.

I guess I needed somewhat of a break from them a little bit, but now they are allowed again. So, yay!

Also on a side note, commissions arent opening until January 4th and planning to be stream only.
Closed! Thank you! Posted 1 year ago
Hello, today I am opening commissions for this month. If you are interested, fill out the form here! Commission Form

I will contact you if I am interested working on your idea. So make sure to put in your contact info.

I am more likely to take short comic, 2-3 panels, sketches, or flat color commissions.

My prices are here Price Sheet
The Futre of Swift Sketch Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone, so I decided that I wanted to do art for more of my own entertainment instead of making it more of a big commitment. Its just been so stressful trying to keep up with the demand and I became very burned out.
I struggle with mental health on a daily basis and for the longest time I couldn't get help. It just interferes with my work so much. I also always worried about what other people think of me all the time, and what others want when the commission me. It was no good.

I closed my Patreon page, or put it on pause so I can finally relax without owing anyone anything. I think it was a big mistake to do this in the first place and I should have known better. At least I was able to make everyone happy with the art I provided them over the years.

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Closed! Thank you! Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone, my commissions are open today! If you are interested, please fill out the form below with your idea. This is not first come first serve as I do choose the commissions that Id want to work on. Those who are chosen will be contacted by me.

Some additional info to know:
- There are 10 slots open, while 5 of those will be reserved for comics.
- I take payment upfront for those who are accepted. Details will be discussed.
- I mainly draw feral or pony characters, but can also draw anthropomorphic characters as well.
- My prices and rules are HERE Be sure to read them over before applying!

The form will be open for a few days, or until all slots are filled. Good luck...
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Commissions Opening March 4th Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone, I am just announcing that commissions will be open on the 4th of March. There will be 10 slots available this time, though the time taken to complete them will be longer.

I discovered that I have a big cavity in one of my upper molars, in the back of my mouth, and I need it fixed soon as possible. Which means Im gonna have a big bill that I have to pay for it.

Ill be posting another journal when I am open along with a link to the form to fill out.
Happy New Year! Posted 1 year ago
Just want to say its been one heck of a year and Im glad its going to be 2022 now.

I have mostly recovered from my week long flu, given a few more days and I should be all better.
I am glad that things will be settling down after the holidays and will be back to normal, well somewhat.
Its always been very stressful for me around the holidays and I really dont like to celebrate it so much. I do like decorating my room with Christmas lights however, makes my room more cozy.

That is all I have to say. Hope everyone has a great new years eve/day and hope for better things to come in 2022!
Not Open Posted 1 year ago
Dont think I am going to open commissions this month. Ive had plenty of people ask me over at discord and all four of my slots have been taken. Its kind of hard to juggle between FA, Ekas, and Discord with only four commission slots. I was nice enough to take them this time over Discord.

Going forward, dont be asking me for commissions over at discord DMs if you know me there. I open every month on the 4th and you have to submit a form. I think it may be a good idea for only discord server members/patreons can see the form link in the announcements tab. Non-members will have to check up on my journal posts every month for the form link.