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My characters

Posted by Tempest 11 years ago


Well, I'd thought I'd like to place an overview of my characters. For now I will post the characters I prefer to use as prey, and of course, they are only used by myself in Role plays. ;)

Here they come, although I may adapt their biography regarding the situation if it seems more fitting in a role play. Besides, I am quite a fan of the so-called what-if? scenarios:

Tempest: A male human, around 20 years old, and the boyfriend of Xeno. Has black, spiky hair like SSJ2 Teen Gohan from the Cell games, has green eyes, and usually dresses in a black gi and shoes. His parents were killed in an accident when he was only 9 years old, after which he was transported to the planet Mars, where he was investigated and enhanced over the course of 8 years by the Martians. He was sent back to Earth afterwards, and he still lives there. He is, despite his usual neutral yet stern look, really friendly, but tends to get upset when he is provoked, and will not hesitate to defend himself or his friends, especially his girlfriend. Practices the Ansatsuken fighting style and, unknown to him at first, has also access to the Satsui no Hadou, the dark power which is common among the Ansatsuken users. He met Xeno during one of his trips, and took her under his wing as he understood what she had gone through.

Xeno: A female human, around 20 years old and the girlfriend of Tempest. She has long, red hair which goes all the way over her back with a few spikes on the front, has red eyes, and dresses in a gray colored outfit, with a gray headband and brown boots. She is also quite beautiful, with large DD-cup breasts to boot. She has been abused by her father during her childhood, and she met Tempest at the age of 17. Around that period, her mother and younger brother and sister have been killed, leaving Xeno alone on the world. Until she met Tempest, she thought nobody cared about her. In Tempest, she saw someone who understood how she felt after the loss of her mother and siblings, and Tempest himself took her under his wing. They have been together ever since. Unknown to Xeno herself at first, she has been cursed with the blood of the Orochi, however she is unaffected by the shorter lifespan the Hakkeshu, the Children of Orochi, normally have.

Both Tempest and Xeno are alone regarding their family after the ones who did care about them have died; Xeno's father is a megalomaniac, very harsh, and is ruler over an empire where he wants everything done his way. After finding out about Tempest and Xeno's relationship, his finest wish is to see both Tempest and Xeno dead, as he sees it as a mere threat. Only he and the family members who have allied with him, including his brother, know about the true reason...

Xenest: A male human, which is the result of a fusion between Tempest and Xeno. He has dark red hair, much like SSJ3 Goku's hair, and blood red eyes, as well as Xeno's headband and boots while wearing a dark green version of Tempest's gi. Can access both Satsui no Hadou and Orochi powers when angered enough. Xenest can be around for as long as Tempest and Xeno wish to, as they can initiate and end the fusion at will. But they only use it mainly as a last resort defense, or when they are in the mood to, so Xenest appears rarely.

Also, Tempest and Xeno are, because of their respective pasts, as well as their ability to fight, and the mutual attraction they have for each other, soul mates, and therefore it's impossible to separate them.

And on a final note, if you wish to know what Tempest and Xeno's main abilities are, then PM me and I'll give you that information.
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