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October Story Voting Posted 11 months ago
Hello there!

Back again, with some other exciting news. Thanks to all those that did the poll I posted in the previous journal, I am happy to announce a free story! Voted by the audience, given the options that I've thought of. Ranging differently from one another, to give some variety in options. Obviously I won't be doing all of them. However, I will be doing 2 of the highest-voted stories. The second just might be done post-halloween. But I'm sure you all won't mind~

Besides that, down below will be the options to choose from below. They will list the main kinks involved, and a description below. There will be another poll link down below. These are just basic plot points, and may be further enhanced later on in the future.

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Engaging the audience, with a simple poll Posted 1 year ago
Back with another journal, this one being far more upbeat than the one prior. As I want to try some new things with you guys, and try to engage with my lovely followers. So, to start things simple, why not a simple poll? Being 8 questions in total, with them being simple enough to answer. It may play a major part in shaping how I do commissions, so I would heavily recommend checking it out. The link can be found here. Should take only a minute or two to do. It would be greatly appreciated if you can fill this out. It might even shape a possible story in the future~

Besides that, I do hope you all have a good rest of your day / night!
A dying computer Posted 1 year ago
Hello there!

I am sad to bring some bad news, but as you may have already read, my computer is dying. I've had this laptop for a good 4-5 years, and it's definitely lasted much longer than it should have. Especially with how many times that keyboard has been beaten with the dozens of stories I wrote on it. Nevertheless, due to this unfortunate situation, i'm going to be needing a new computer.

I currently do not have the funds to by a pre-built at the moment, so I will still be using this computer to the best of my ability. Writing might be slowed down drastically, but we'll have to see on how much it'll cost to get a pre-built. If you would like to help fund for a new pc, it would be greatly appreciated! Anything is greatly appreciated, as I'm trying to get a...
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