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Commissions Fully Open, and Minor Policy Change Posted 2 years ago
Welcome back everyone ^^
To celebrate the site coming back online, me getting over being sick for the past several weeks, and me having my commission pile almost completely finish, I'm opening back up for commissions fully for the first time since last... March, I think? I will not be accepting large, bulk orders or long comics, but single pictures and sequences under 5-7 pictures are fine ^^

Also, I am changing my commission pricing a bit. Over all, prices are not going up. However, I am removing the second optional free character from my commissions. All commissions now are single characters base, and any character past the first is extra. That way my art is still low priced and accessible to people, but, if there are more characters in a picture, I get compensated...
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Spring Cleaning Moratorium Posted 3 years ago
For the next month of so, I'm going on a commission moratorium and will not be accepting new commission until I manage to get what I have on my plate taken care of ^^;;
Merry Christmas Posted 3 years ago
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone~
December Art Sales and Merry Christmas Posted 3 years ago
The art sales for December have started~ It's a great time to grab some lovely Christmas themed things!

Other than that, it's getting towards the end of another year of working on vore arts, and the holidays are fast approaching. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and whatever other cultural equivalents apply ^^ It's been a wonderful year, and I hope that everyone here has a warm and bright holiday season <3
November Art Sales Posted 3 years ago
Going to post a link to this in my blog as well:

To replace my patreon, I'm holding direct art sales on the site. The commissions here are heavily discounted, and will be available for purchase until the 7th.
Shutting Down Patreon Posted 3 years ago
Effective at some point before the end of this month, I am going to be shutting down my operations on Patreon.

There are a few reasons I'm doing this, but the thing that sorta kicked it off is that after a shift in policy, Patreon is going to be cracking down on accounts that relate to non-consensual fetishes. Which, a lot of my content falls under. Now, even though I don't actually post anything to the site, and therefore probably won't be effected by this change, I'm using this as an excuse to do something that I've been meaning to do anyways.

Instead of using Patreon's services, I'm instead going to be holding super sales at the start of each month. Where I offer slots of art at the prices that they could have been gotten from signing up to my patreon....
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A Short Break from Timeslots and other side notes Posted 3 years ago
For the next month on my Patreon, I'm not going to be offering the time slot stream rewards for the $50 or $100 tier rewards. I'm feeling a bit burnt out on them, and want a month to try recharging. I'll be contacting all individuals who currently are signed on for them directly, but this is a public announcement just in case.

Also, I'm going to be editing the wording on my highest tier patreon goal from "Post an update to one of my vore games each month" to "work towards an update each month" Because I've run into the issue that there are a lot of things I want to add into an update for the game I'm working on, and instead of putting out little bits and pieces, I want to post one large comprehensive update when I'm ready. The game I've been working on is...
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Patreon and Time Slot Change Up Posted 4 years ago
As a quick update, I've made two major changes to my patreon page:

1.) Time slot steams are now handled through my Patreon. My time slot streams are 4 hour blocks that I offer, during which I do art for the client for the entire duration. These streams have now been added to the $50 Elite Tier, and the $100 Overlord Tier (for two 4 hour streams)

2.) I've removed the limit on Overlord slots. Previously, I had limited myself to only four Overlord positions. However, that was back during a time where my confidence in my skills as an artist were not what they are now. Now I am pretty sure that I can take the work load that multiple Overlords would entail.

In other news, I'm only $30 away from hitting my final Patreon reward tier, in which I'll do my best...
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Marker Commissions Open Posted 4 years ago
For the next 5 days, until Sunday the 19th, I'm going to be away from my computer on a trip. Since last time I went on a trip the marker commissions were such a success, I'm bringing them back ^^ $20 for a single character, full color marker piece, with +$10 for extra characters. As usual, grasping hands extending from orifices, full bellies, and post vore by-products do not count as an extra person in terms of pricing. If you would like a marker piece, please contact me~

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Marker Commissions Posted 4 years ago
I am going to be away from my pc on vacation for the next week or so, but while I'm out here I have my ink and marker sets on me. So, in interest of expanding my collection of art markers, I'm going to offer special marker ink commissions~ $20 for a full color, 1 or 2 character piece ^^ when I finish it, I'll send you a picture from my camera, when I get home next week I'll then send you a high quality scan. And, if desired, I can look into mailing the physical print once I'm able, if you'd like to display your piece~ contact me via PM if you're interested ^^