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Moving Posted 5 months ago
I am moving house and also in with my girlfriend. She is ok with me being on this site but I will be without internet for a little wile as it switches over and will be less active from now on. On the plus side I am working on a short story with a few variants that should be finished soon
Can't find a story I want to re read Posted 9 months ago
I can remember a story but can't find it again. I can't remember the title or who wrote it but just the basic plot. I have searched my favourites and the site but can't seem to find it. going to outline the plot in hopes that someone knows what story I am looking for.
I is set up as an Online class due to the pandemic. Some of the students claim technical problems then the teacher sees that one student is logged on using the id of another student and trys to work out what is going on and tells them that they shouldn't be in each other's houses. This leads to a bunch of confessions that the "technical problems" are just covering up the fact that the students are eating each other which would cause them to fail the class.
inactive for a bit Posted 11 months ago
I have been inactive for a bit and have just found time to explain why. I am working long and late hours at the moment on the run up to Christmas. After Christmas, I will have more time for writing
Little mistake Posted 1 year ago
My newest story Belly Strict has been very popular however I made a little mistake in it. I called Bill Mr Woods when he should be Mr Forest. I am going to reupload the edit but wanted to let those who have already read it know. Also thanks for enjoying my stories
Colab sort of Posted 1 year ago
I don't know how to classify this so I am calling it a sort of Collaboration. RedOrange has given up on his Predator in town game on Predator in town ( ) With their permission (see ) I have created a story using the text from that game. Most of the text is from the game belonging to RedOrange but the turn of events and some of the details are added by me along with names for most of the characters. Although I have not worked directly with RedOrange a colaberation sounds better than plagiarism with permission.
Haven't posted in a while Posted 1 year ago
Just writing this because I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with work so have not been adding to my stories and not had much inspiration for any new stories. Will be less busy soon
The Traveler's tale Posted 1 year ago
Would you guys be interested in me posting my older Non-vore stories that explain my OC The Traveler along with many other OCs? BTW The Traveler was taken or not available for a profile name so I want with my dark counterpart for my user name.
Thank you Posted 1 year ago
I looks like my latest story "An Unusual Reunion" has been more popular than I expected. Thanks to all the people who have added it to their favourites.
If you want to give me feedback so that I can improve my writing or what in my current stories you like so I can write more stories which people like.
Request for Requests Posted 2 years ago
I am drained of inspiration and having a boring few weeks ahead of me so I am making a Request for people to make requests of me. See my rules for detail or my previous requests. I need some ideas to explore new stories I never would have thaught of myself.
I'm Back Posted 2 years ago
I am no longer working late at my job so am able to do requests again.