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Another Update Posted 2 months ago
Hello people of Eka’s. As the much beloved 8/8 is rapidly approaching, and I will soon afterwards become very busy with matters outside of Eka’s, I promise to be productive this month. I have a story I made as a break from more serious projects, combining the suggestion of several peers and incorporating some elements I enjoy but rarely see. I will upload that very soon. I also still intend to publish Chapter 5, only that it has been emotionally taxing to work on such large undertakings in the past few months. I believe I am in a good place to revisit it now, though. Finally, the collaboration project is still underway. Expect a sleu of uploads in August before possibly petering out in September. Thank you to all my readers for your continued interest and support.
3 Years Posted 3 months ago
I've been on the portal for 3 years now. That's a long time. Thank you to everyone who helped welcome me to this community. I know pride month is now (sadly) over, but I'm still working on a collaborative comic piece with an artist who's new to the site, in the tradition of welcoming new users. I will update again as soon as the first chapter is ready to release.
Plans for Now Posted 4 months ago
Hello. With the upload of my last commission from this batch, I’ll remain closed down for a while. I cannot say exactly how long, but likely at minimum a matter of months. I have been severely depressed for the past few months due to some unfortunate circumstances, and am phasing out my uploads to focus on other things. I will still finish and upload Chapter 5 of In Pursuit of The Truth, but will not continue to upload any chapters past that. I am also in the process of doing another art trade, and will also upload that. Finally, I want to hold a raffle among any interested people for a free “thank you” story after those two are done. By the time that’s all done, it will likely amount to 24 uploads in almost as many months, at which point I will stop uploading stories for the time being.
Last Slot Posted 8 months ago
I still have one commission slot open, with my pricing model updated to be simpler. I think I’ll use this new model for all batches in the foreseeable future. After this next commission, I’m unsure when I’ll open again, as an event in my personal life has forced me to possibly take a break from writing here, at least for the beginning of the year. I still have a trade to upload, but don’t expect anything guaranteed after that. Sorry for the vagueness, but I am really unsure how much writing here will be possible for the moment. Thanks to everyone who continues to engage with my uploads, and I’ll update the situation when possible.
I'm Back Posted 10 months ago
I had a nice vacation, but am back to commission work now. I have one empty slot remaining for this batch. I hope to upload the rest of this batch, and another trade, by the end of the year.
Vacation Posted 10 months ago
Hello everyone. Starting tomorrow I'll be out of home on a vacation lasting until the end of the month, so I will only be checking my page occasionally until December. Feel free to DM me for commission-related inquiries in the meantime, and I'll get back to them when I can.
Opening Commissions Posted 11 months ago
Hello everyone! I’ve completed my third batch of commissions, and am now opening a fourth set of three slots. In light of what I’ve learned doing commissions here over the past year, I’m updating my pricing model to add a base cost of $20 USD to all commissions in addition to the rate of $10 per 1,000 words. This may be my last batch of commissions for a while, at least until the end of the year, so if you’d like to reserve a slot, shoot me a PM soon. Inbetween and after this batch, I’ll be focusing more on other writing projects on and off Aryion. These past twelve months have been pretty fun, and I promise I’ll stick around. Even while not fulfilling commissions, I’ll continue to upload other stories on occasion.
A Couple of October Updates Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone, sorry for the silence these past few months! I’ve been quite busy in my personal life, and doing commissions and other stories has been slow going. I’m nearly done with this batch though, and I’ll be opening them again this month after a short break.

I’m increasing my rate for this next batch, adding a flat $20 USD cost to all commissions in addition to the previous rate of $10 USD per 1,000 words. This is to help towards a financial goal, and I hope everyone understands that the rate is still malleable and may change again. I’ll have three slots open for this batch, so DM me soon if you’re interested in a commission.

I’ve had to halt work on Chapter 5 of In Pursuit of the Truth for a bit, but I’ll resume work on it between commissions. Hopefully,...
[ Continued ... ]
June Announcements! Posted 1 year ago
Thank you to everyone who has continued to engage with my uploads this past month. I have accepted several commissions, but closed them for now so as to not get in over my head. I will continue to upload stories this month on Fridays, but am out of finished stories, so uploads may be less regular. Between commissions, and Chapter 5 of In Pursuit of The Truth, I should be quite busy! I may also do some smaller personal stories and upload them at some point, but that remains to be seen. I’ll post another announcement when I’m open for commission again, but that might not be for a while.
75K Words and May Plans Posted 1 year ago
As of now, I have written 75,000 words for Aryion since joining, thanks to everyone who has commissioned me or taken interest in my personal story. I’ve also received dozens of favorites and doubled my number of watchers this past month, it’s been absolutely insane!

Chapter 5 is still in the works and with the help of a special surprise coming with it, I want it to be the best one yet. I will continue uploading completed commissions, trades, and gifts throughout May, but am closing commissions for the moment as I focus on Chapter 5 and other personal works.

Thanks again to everyone who engages with my page, and here’s to another great month!