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My discord server Posted 4 months ago
Hey guys, I got a vore themed Discord server that is need of life. Come by and check it out.
Join mah raffle Posted 8 months ago
Yo, I'm currently holding a raffle for some more art I'll be getting from Silent_E, I'll be ending the raffle on the 30th and polling the winner the same day.
Another Raffle? Posted 10 months ago
That's right, im holding another Raffle, feel free to enter it, the character I use depends on your choices. Good luck!

A raffle appears! Posted 11 months ago
I decided to hold a raffle for the prey slot in an image that I'll be getting from a certain artist. If you're interested, enter here: https://forms.gle/NGvQnomGiveeAUoS9
Character Poll Posted 1 year ago
I went ahead and made a poll featuring all my current characters. Feel free to give it a vote.

Making a Discord Server Posted 2 years ago
Well, as read here, I'm making a Discord server for my vore material.
All that fun stuff will be there, but right now, I only need to program a discord bot.
It'd be great if someone gave me some advice.
For a Story Idea Posted 2 years ago
Hi guys, and ladies.

I'm in need of ideas for stories basically.

If you got one (Pred, Prey, vore, setting), send it my way.

Thanks for reading
a character Posted 3 years ago
This is a character profile I had in mind
Name: Ottā Kasai
Gender: male
Age: 21
Height: 5'4"
Species: Ferret
Likes: tight stomachs, strong predators, books, reading, fruit, being digested and becoming part of the predator
Dislikes: mean predators, not being digest, broccoli, bullies, spiders
Bio: it is his dream to become a part of a strong predator, he always look up to them, strangely enough, if one strand of DNA survives, he can some how reform himself and do it again (some stories won't feature that though) if the predator absorbs all of his DNA he can plant his subconscious into them. This was achieved after years of being tested on by his father, damn drunk
Description (because I'm terrible at drawing...
[ Continued ... ]