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big nutte Posted 9 days ago
larj butte
Ko-fi open Posted 2 months ago
I'm opening up a ko fi as part of an effort to make some money for tuition. You can donate if you want, but make sure you take care of your own needs first. Also expect sketch comms to open up soon to the same end.
To whoever camps all my new upload tags Posted 10 months ago
So I noticed recently when uploading my stuff gets a lot of user submitted tags on it. I don't really wanna disable that cause it's helpful and I'm lazy, but I would also like to announce that I don't really approve of "Trap" being put on pictures of Ty. He's open about being a guy, just because he sometimes wears girly clothing doesn't mean he's really trying to trick anyone.It's just not a great catch all term, and I much prefer Femboy being used to describe him cause Trap is not really accurate.

So yeah, please cease that, thanks.
Patreon Open Posted 1 year ago
Hey all,

I made a patreon to get in on the pre-policy change benefits. I know I haven't been writing much, and mainly just been working on practicing art, but I figured I'd at least start it and maybe turn it into something down the road. For now its just a dollar tip jar, and there are certainly more deserving creators, but if anyone wants to throw a buck or two my way, the link is here:
Birthdaaaaaaay~ Posted 2 years ago
Just a quick blog to commemorate my birthday, which happens to fall right on Valentine's Day! This past year's been kind of a wild ride for me, and I certainly haven't been putting out as much lewd stuff as I like to, but I think I'm in a much better place now than I was last time this year, so that's enough for me~ I hope to be writing and commissioning more in the coming days now that I am, too!

Here's to another year of content~
New Commission Pricing Posted 3 years ago
Hey all, just a quick announcement here. I'm going to be giving my commission prices a slight bump, as I am no longer working my day job in order to focus more on school. For every 1k words, the price will increase from 10$ to 12$. Hope everyone finds that agreeable, I just want to make sure I have a little more padding in my wallet so I can like. Feed myself.

Commissions, anyone? Posted 3 years ago
So, I've recently decided that I should probably start eating food more. Unfortunately for me, that requires money, and that's a commodity a broke uni student doesn't really have. Holding down a real job with a wonky, ever changing schedule is hard enough, so I've decided to open up a commission slot or two to help supplement my life a bit. Details will be primarily in this blog post, so be sure you read it all the way through if you would potentially want to commission me!

Pricing: 10$ USD for every 1k words

Won't do: Furry, ponies, possibly fandoms I don't know/would have to research extensively. There isn't a ton I will outright refuse to do, all details can be talked out when discussing the commission.

Payment: via Paypal, before completion of...
[ Continued ... ]
More Fire Emblem Posted 4 years ago
I may have mentioned this already, but at the egging on of some of my friends, I'm going to be doing a vore story for every single Fire Emblem game I play, and I'm gonna be playing a lot of them. So expect more Fire Emblem vore in the future, because this series deserves more of it.

Completed stories:
Binding Blade
Sacred Stones
Tentatively open for requests/trades Posted 4 years ago
So, I've finally escaped the FE hole I dug for myself, and now I'm not quite sure where to go from here. So, I decided to open up to the idea of requests and trades and whatnot. Now, keep in mind that I don't promise anything when it comes to requested ideas, but hey, if the idea makes me want to write, I'll probably end up writing it.
Decisions, decisions... Posted 4 years ago
I have quite a few story ideas I'd like to do(mostly FE Fates related), and honestly, I'm having a hard time choosing which to do next. So, I decided to open this up to a poll with my current ideas and gauge interest, hoping that maybe that will help me make up my damn mind. Poll is linked below.