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RULES OF THE VORATEX Posted 1 month ago
Hello again all! I should be having the next Voratex pic up soon. But before that i wanna leave this here in case anyone needs to know the rules of the Voratex before making a suggestion. so here we are:

RULE #1: The Voratex is a mysterious realm that breaks the logic of all worlds. no one knows where it comes from or remember how they got there should they be lucky enough to leave. All that is known is one common task...devour the opposing entrant(s)

RULE #2: Being that logic is broken, that means all matches are 50/50 no matter the outcome. only fate determines the winner

RULE #3: The entrants are usually meant to be from the same category (Ex: Pokemon and Dark Souls= Game, Code Geass and K-on= Anime, etc) and cannot be from the same series, two...
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What's up! Posted 1 month ago
Welcome to the page to anyone new. and to any watchers, thanks, i really appreciate it. I've been working on a lot of non vore anime mashups for Twitter so i haven't actually had to time to post it seems. regardless! I got some stuff to present tonight! Stay tuned later...if you dare!
A Proper Introduction This Time Posted 2 months ago
Hello to anyone seeing this for the first time! My name is UnbornSMP. I usually go by P.S.M-Reborn or Deuce506 on other medias, but i figured i like the idea of a unique persona going into the realm of Eka's at last!

So i guess i should say a bit about my interests here, to be honest, i used to HATE my interest in vore. Getting into it so early it plagued me to the point where i felt i could never draw anything with it because it would be "weird" and "cost me my dream in art". You can look at my old works on DA and tell, it occasionally slipped out, and when it did i always felt people hated it and thought i was a freak. It wasn't surprising, i never really knew anyone else close who had that interest that i had, still don't honestly :( but when i look at...
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