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10 years on eka's portal Posted 1 month ago
wow, like, a decade. the date was yestarday but still feels like i should point it out - holy shit i know the word "vore" for 10 fucking years. amazing.
i am not going to do anything about it just wow i spent so much life here. absolutely no regrets. gonna spend the rest of it too. fuck yeah.
meh Posted 7 months ago
i can't find any content around eka's that would suit my needs
time to draw my own once again.
it is never enough.
Commissions open again Posted 10 months ago
Original FA post
I need to make somewhat 700-1000$ before new year so i have to open commissions again.

I may do some sketch streams soon if i have time, regular commissions are open too.

I'm really slow with my works lately, but if you're patient enough you can grab a slot or two (or as much as you like, really, i don't mind)

Prices and ToS here:



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upcoming collab projects Posted 1 year ago
aside from my personal stuff and commissions, i'm working on some comics with my friends. these comics will be available for download for some small price, because we put a hell lot of work in it and i don't want to just upload them in my gallery like i usually do. also my friend, who does colors for one of the comics in question, needs money to buy tools to draw and collaborate with me more in the future, so the selling of this comic is a chance to do more of these comics if it will sell.

the comic i'm currently working on is humanoid/human vore comic, M/ambiguous gender character, size difference, 6 pages, a hell lot of detailed internals, squishing, digestion and clean oral bone disposal. it's quite like my usual m/f comics, so it's clean, non-sexual oral vore and has a bit...
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Cock vore anatomy thoughts Posted 1 year ago
i like to overthink stuff structurally, and that's why cock vore was always something quite strange to me. no doubt vore is a fantasy fetish and most things that happen in vore are impossible in real life, but i like my porn logical, and i can't work any other way, so i thought i need to give cock vore some thought, even if i won't draw it.
it seems more magical than other kinds of vore, because it involves real structures which in case of cock vore are merged with each other in a very specific way due to genital onthogenesis, and if i can imagine prey going through the urethra to the prostate like some sort of male unbirth thing, most of the cock vore-themed images depict the prey to end up in balls somehow, and i can't help but feel this requires some quite alien anatomy to...
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Content question Posted 1 year ago
I grew quite bored seeing vore drawings.that look all the same, and i already watch a plenty of artists delivering good content (mostly f-pred ones), but i don't see enough male pred art/stories i can enjoy, mostly because i'm very picky on the drawing quality and bodyshapes of characters (and too much sexual stuff which i don't enjoy as well), also i haven't seen much samesize/stuffing content i can relate to, and sometimes i feel like the only art i can fully enjoy is my own. Maybe i just don't know much artists around who do stuff i may like. Maybe i need to force myself enjoying other stuff i'm not found of rn.

If you know anyone good with creepy male preds, let me know pls. I like anthro burds, horses and lizards, pretty tired of canine and feline characters, also DRAGONS...
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COmmissions open Posted 1 year ago
there's a big FA list and a big list of those who note me in telegram/discord, but for this site i'd like to open few slots too
not much but okay

TOS and prices:

comic page
Yey weekend Posted 2 years ago
i finally have a day when i don't need to run in 0ver 9000 places at the same time while doing dinner laundry and social interactions so
today i'll be uploading all the personal sketches that i finally scanned and finishing all commissions i finally have time for
prepare for picspam
asdfg Posted 2 years ago
i wanted to calm down so i heated some milk in microwave oven but then thought it's not enough so i poured some red label into it and OH BOI am i calm now
good night everyone i'm amazing today
Tags, folders and other sorting eka's stuff Posted 2 years ago
i have a lot of very varied artwork in my gallery (568 items for now if the site's statistics aren't fooling me) and it's getting harder and harder to manage and browse them as they grow in numbers and become more even more random with time. though the majority of my art is something around same-size oral m/f vore, i also have a lot of size difference, inflation, stuffing, female preds, switching roles, hard vore and a lot of other sudden things i come up with during my lonely self-observations, so the question arises - what is the best way to manage artworks so varied?
the folder system is quite nice but it has one major inconvenience - i can quickly browse only artwork that is in folder. it's convenient for m/f and f/m folders, if i (or any other person here browsing my folders)...
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