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This is urgent! Posted 4 years ago
i need 25$ as soon as possible to apply to the place i want to go study in, and fffffff FA is down they found an exploit they say it might be down for a long time and i need to apply this week because it might be late to reserve place in campus
therefore i can afford two 15$ sketch commissions (no dicks and shit please, all other weird stuff is much welcome)
with quality like this

or one 25$ flat-colored commission (absolutely same situation with shit and dicks here)

i can do a stream for you if you want to see how i'm drawing your piece.
payment via...
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GURGLR Posted 4 years ago
and don't forget to clean your teeth
EXTRA COMMISSION slots open! Posted 4 years ago
If you don't have FA account just comment here to claim a slot.
Patreon closed Posted 4 years ago
i thought that i'm not all that interesting for people to pay just for watching me drawing nonsense so i closed patreon, deleted all submissions, thanked my lonely 2$ patron (lol) and... and what?
AND I WON'T EVER TRY TO SELL SUBSCRIPTION TO MY ARTWORK EVER AGAIN! let the non-commissioned stuff be free or never submitted at all. fuck this, fuck patreon, fuck money, fuck this all.
if you didn't get it yet, this means that i'll be posting stuff here and on DA and Tumblr again. viva la ugh dunno. viva la.
Streaming today Posted 4 years ago
info in my FA journal, dunt wunt to copypaste that here XP http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7389408/
Have you ever commissioned a story? Posted 4 years ago
I wonder how it's done, very curious.
Maybe you are a writer and can tell how you work?
I'm looking for someone capable of writing medically accurate graphic violence without the fucking romance and unnecessary thoughts and descriptions. Just wondering how all the process is handled mostly. English or Russian.
commission sale! Posted 4 years ago
i've opened commissions on FA recently
need to say that you don't need to be a FA member to take one - just note me here and i reserve a slot for you.
as always - themes are quite wide-ranged except that i don't draw cock vore and scat, and not very found of watersports and diapers either.
bbw, preds of all genders and species are much welcomed!
sfw, nsfw, from academic landscapes to furry fuckery - everything is possible.
here goes emo shit, sorry. Posted 4 years ago
i'm starting to feel like patreon isn't a place for my art since i'm not all that known and my style and themes aren't something people would easily pay for if it's my persnl art
i'm stuck in depression again, dealing with irl stuff that upsets me daily and i have no power to resist the abyss i'm slipping into.
i can do commissions but i must choose betwin them and personal projects then, or work times more than i do. i'm tired.
i possibly regret writing this later but i dunno where else to put what i feel. i have a strong obsession with a concept of eating another whole living being, and every time i notice that my body isn't suited for this i fall in a self-pity shit. pfft.
i hope returning to drawing soon to finish all the sketches and trades i owe people around...
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ABOUT COMMISSIONS Posted 4 years ago
1) I take commissions, i'm open for commissions, you can commission me.
2) I love your money, it helps me pay for school and equipment, and when i study new stuff and buy better gear it means that quality of my work also grows. Because i'm a growing organism and artist and i mean to become a really cool one.
3) I draw everything EXCEPT cock vore and scat. Every other scenario is very much welcome. I'm not fond of dicks much but i can draw them too.
4) I draw animation, comics, illustrations and icons. I also can create professionally looking layout and pagination for your story and make your text look atmospheric and readable on any device. I also do anything that can be called...
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Voice actors for vore-themed animation? Posted 4 years ago
I know the subject is hard, and I don't know yet for sure, but here is the plan.
I'm planning to work more on vore animation, but silent soundless action is quite flat. I'm curious if anyone interested in voicing the characters, and I mean dialogues, breathing and other sfx to make the picture more alive. What I'm looking for is a good clear English, ability to act without pain, and variety. Male and female voice, it would be perfect if they both will be comfortable playing predators and preys, but I probably ask for too much here so let's say that for now I'm looking for a predator and a prey of different genders to try the thing. Quality of the recording equipment is also not that important, all I want right now is a test, so almost any quality will be acceptable. And because I am...
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