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meh Posted 5 years ago
i found out that it's quite hard to generate a cool atmosphere and stuff without getting bored/confused/angry while trying to think up anything together with any other person besides myself so aaaggrh okay i'm gonna just upload stuff sorry no roleplays i'm alright with my only self bye
gotta scan lots of lots of lots okay
brrggghhaaaa i'm okay
i broke with my last gf five months ago already and now there is another girl who wants me to do stuff and i don't want even to meet her irl 'cause i'm like FFFFFFFFFffff i can't just eat people even if they want to be eaten i just can sit here in my room and draw draw draw shit without noticing that i exist
roleplays anyoen? Posted 5 years ago
dunno if it's a good idea or not but i give it a try.
i'm not quite comfortable with the eka's rp chat, also i'm not the best and quickiest writer mostly because english is not my primary language and besides i'm quite experienced in writing i still have troubles with vocabulary and grammar. well.
i prefer drawing roleplays where text is more a comic-like dialogue matter, and everything else is visual, but it's a bit inconvenient for most people who draw because of different reasons. also it can be slow if quality matters, or awkward if the drawing style differs too much.
also i'm desperate finding folks willing to play gruesome violent stuff with ugly humanoid predators i use to play as. i'm not really found of non-human preys also, so ffffffffffinding a rp partner is...
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soon Posted 6 years ago
gotta be posting FUCKING LOTS of female stuffing and other f/vore sketches, and also a m/f animation i'm working on right now. just be prepared. i'm stuck on my job so as soon as i find some spare time, I'LL POST ALL THE SHIT HERE YEAH.
i'm thinking of drawing a f/thing animation (idk just stuffing or f/m or something else) but those are more thoughts than real plans.
lol i'm writing bullshit Posted 6 years ago
too bad humans aren't hotdogs and i can't buy them in the store and eat just because i want
who wants a pointless talk?
awkward fan art Posted 6 years ago
just finished watching rick&morty and decided to take a glance at the DA fan group. and there i'm sitting calmly watching all the images with all kinds of ordinarry things for a fandom - yaoi, rule34, girls, boys, whatever, and then suddenly vore and i was like "WTF IT IS A KIND OF THING I COULD THINK ABOUT BUT... BUT... BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS!"
i don't recall the exact moment when fan vore started to seem ridiculous to me but this is at least the first incident that made me feel really awkward.
i like fan art but some things about it really piss me off, like out of character stuff or AMINE FANS DRAWING EVERYTIN IN ANIME STYLE, though i'm pretty used to all this and can handle most of the issues.
24 Posted 6 years ago
happy birthday to me.
my roommate baked me a a cake and left the flat for all night so i am completely alone until the morning and can do whatever i want
so i drink tea and smoke little cigars, also best cake i've ever ate and it is not a lie.
hipster photo for the sake of ridiculousness ness ness

regarding guro Posted 6 years ago
my goverment law decided to add gurochan.net to the disabled list for russian users, that means i need to use anonimizer to access the page but i can't log in or register anymore (idk why, bad internet connection or anonimizer probably are the cause).
i like watching guro art, but also i enjoy drawing it and lately i started to feel like sharing stuff here and there.
gurochan always was a perfect place for sucha stuff, eka's not guro-targeted but i keep seeing guro here too so i possibly won't offend anyone with posting guro art.
dunno if i will get proper feedback either, but that doesn't matter since i don't care much about people's attention if only they aren't offended and don't try destroying my life lol.
so guys, what do you think about guro? what guro places...
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Commissions? Posted 6 years ago
i fixed my paypal and card and mind and now what
maybe you might want to commission me 'cause i'm good at everything and because i'm all that unique and cool and don't have any other things to do right now and WHOA YES I NEED MONEY.
what do you think about it?
i accept "pay what you want" commissions - you tell me what do you want to see on the picture, and i put as much effort in it as much money you pay for it.
this seems like the best working thing i've ever tried in freelance work.
pm, comments, cosmic rays - whatever you want to use to communicate me.
preferences Posted 6 years ago
i'm pretty used to face the weird consequences of having floating interests and sharing them all at the same place on the internet, because haters gonna hate and if i enjoy just almost anything, most of my watchers have more specified preferences and it causes many different situations.
eka's is quite a friendly community where i'm not expecting any kind of abuse, but though i understand that most people who like only f/m or m/f and expect only this kind of material in their subscription may not like everything i do.
i don't care about this much but here comes the question - is it important to be more careful with submissions or you don't give a fuck and will look at every piece of art i throw here?
i ask because i became curious lately and am in need of statistics.
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suddenly Posted 6 years ago
idk how it happened. i'm here again,.
will be posting tons of bullshit. again.
i think i disabled almost all the feedback so don't be afraid if you can't comment, i have hard times with information and it's hard for me to read and focus and reply and understand so just have fun.
hi there.