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Comms Closed! Posted 1 month ago
Shutting down for now!

Thanks everybody for the submissions. its actual agony picking, since so many of them are so enticing, but it is what it is!
Commissions Open! Posted 1 month ago
Submission Form: Here!
Terms of Service (MUST READ): Here!

Good luck friends!
Commissions Opening 8/6 Posted 1 month ago
Hi gang! Commissions will be opening 8/6, at 9pm est!

Link to the submission form (Currently Closed) HERE
Link to my ToS/Pricing sheet (MUST READ) HERE

Enjoy and good luck! Be sure to read the ToS so you can understand my preferences!
Comms Chosen! Posted 3 months ago
All done picking comms. Until next time!
Comms Closed! Posted 3 months ago
Still picking submissions, but the door is shut for now. Thanks everybody!
Comms are Open! Posted 3 months ago

Form is up! Please read the TOS before submitting!!

Best of luck to everybody. I'm looking forwards to reading through the submissions!
Commissions Opening Posted 3 months ago
Hey all, it's been a year since I last opened comms, so I'm clearing the slate. I had a massive backlog, but its time to refresh the list so new ideas can hit the scene and people can rethink their submissions.

Submission Form:

Terms of Service (MUST READ):

The form will be opening Wednesday, June 1st, at 8pm EST! It will only be open for as long as it takes me to choose 10 or so slots.

Please remember that it's NOT First-Come First-Served. I pick and choose depending on what I believe will suit me the best! My TOS also includes preferences for work as well as pricing.
New Gallery over on itaku! Posted 4 months ago
If you like my art, come check out my new gallery on itaku. it's fully tagged and includes a FULL backlog of all my art- from here, twitter, furaffinity, and some bonus pieces not up anywhere else!!
Commissions Closed! [PLEASE READ IF YOU SUBMITTED] Posted 1 year ago
Notice for anyone who sent a commission request:

I'm gonna be accepting commissions from the subs in small batches. if you **DO NOT** hear from me, it means I have not accepted your slot YET. As I complete each batch, I'll pull new ones from the superlist until its dry.

Because of the volume of submissions it's basically guaranteed that I won't get to all of them. Hopefully, since it's a waitlist without any money changing hands yet, people will be okay with the slow roll. I hope that you enjoy the art either way. Cheers ✌️
Commissions Open until 6/20 Posted 1 year ago

Examples of the art and links to the google form are above!

This is not first-come, first served. I will be picking and choosing commissions individually. You don't pay until I reach your slot and start working.