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SubscribeStar and Self Run Subscriptions Posted 12 days ago
With all the Patreon nonsense going on I went ahead and updated my Subscribestar and will be cross posting everything on Patreon and Subscribestar.
My Subscribestar is set up exactly like Patreon reward wise and I will be posting everything I post to Patreon on my Subscribestar from now on. In fact my master file of old works is already on there for people to see.

I WILL NOT BE SHUTTING DOWN MY PATREON! However this is going to be my backup if Patreon decides to come after me as it has many other artists. I will also be willing to work with people 1 on 1 with PayPal if you'd like to get access to my Patreon/Subscribestar content and perks without actually having to go through either of the sites. If you would like to do this please feel free to message me.
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My Old Art Master Folder Posted 5 months ago
I recently found an old hard drive that was filled with a lot of my older art work. I've compiled it all into a... somewhat organized set of files. I tried to organize everything into folders by the year.
I'm not sure if ALL my previous art is here since there's a lot of it, but this is everything I found and all the stuff I've had on my art hard drive from the past 2 years.

Most pieces are unwatermarked, some of them I only had a watermarked version of... Past Rose must have gotten rid of them.
I've gone through the files and put all Scat or Gore content into separate folders that way those who are sensitive to that content can avoid it.
I will likely keep this updated by the year. So once 2020 is over, all art from this year will be added. This time I'll...
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Update and Apology Posted 5 months ago
Hey everyone,

First let me start by saying I'm very sorry for being quiet for so long... Over the past few weeks I was having a lot of trouble with my living situation with my sister and have had to find a new place to live and get moved.

The TL;DR is that she decided to blindside me by telling me she no longer wanted me living with her because she wanted my room back so she could use it as an office, I was not able to babysit all the time like she wanted me to, I was 'neglecting her' for work and friends, and I was not keeping her house tidy and picking up after her and her husband (and now the baby) anymore because I work 2 jobs and am trying to not self destruct.

Those are the excuses she gave me, there's a lot more underlying stuff in my point...
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Wishlist Meme 2019 Posted 8 months ago
The holidays are coming and I was chatting with someone and this wishlist meme was brought up, honestly I've been so busy I completely forgot about it! I haven't done it since 2017 but I'd like to bring it back because I know a lot of people enjoyed doing it!
I want to do it again this year and try to get even more people involved!
Of course, just like last year, nobody has to feel forced to do anything on this list, this is just a fun little thing to get us in the holiday mood!
So feel free to join in and pester your friends to join too!

• Make a post to your journal. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just...
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Update Posted 8 months ago
Hey everyone,

I'm sorry I've been away and haven't really been talking too much on what has been going on. I was trying to keep everything out of the public eye until we got everything a bit more orderly.
My household is getting ready to fight my mom for custody of my nephew. Ever since my stepdad died she's been getting... way worse than she used to be abuse wise. A lot went down and last weekend when we had my nephew she sent him to us dirtier and with a worse rash than she ever has. So we've gotten together with my nephew's parents and we are all teaming up to fight for him.
They aren't really ready to take him back into their own care just yet, so they are fighting to get him in the care of my household's (My sister, brother in law, and myself) For people...
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Ask Me Anything Posted 8 months ago

I'm just having a real shit time and I'm looking for literally anything that will get my mind off of it while I work today. Distract me please. Ask away.
Holiday Commissions 2019 (OPEN) Posted 9 months ago
So I've decided to go ahead and do a few Holiday Themed Commissions this year and am going to get a very early start unlike years prior where I would wait until Dec to start.
Slots will be very limited to ensure I have them done for the holidays and comics will NOT be available due to the amount of time they take to complete just being too much to reasonably have it done in time.

If you would like to nab a Holiday Commission for yourself or a friend, here's what you'll need to know:
~ All my Commission Info: http://voraciousrose.com/commissioninfo/
~ Only 5 Slots will be open (I may take more if I finish pieces early enough to do so)
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Update Posted 9 months ago
Got news a few hours ago that my stepdad passed away.
I may have my nephew for a wee bit while my mom irons out all the post death ordeals.
Everyone just know that I'm okay and I thank you all for your condolences.
Update (Delays Ahead) Posted 9 months ago
Just a heads up, I'm really sorry about the delay in working on my art the past few days.

My stepdad's health has gone downhill again and isn't coming up. It started as an infection in the bone on his remaining leg. Well he refused having that one amputated as well and so the infection is septic. He ended up also refusing dialysis that day as well saying he no longer wanted it, and the hospital can't force him to have it. Yesterday he failed a swallowing test so they had him on a feeding tube for a day until my mom decided what to do next.

As of this morning he is completely unresponsive, his blood pressure is very low, and he's running a 104F fever. This afternoon my mom met with Hospice and has made the call to take him off of everything and just let him go....
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Live Streaming Posted 10 months ago
Streaming some Rose and Gilly Halloween Sillies!