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Recent events Posted 3 weeks ago
Hi everybody, hope you all are safe from the escalating virus we're experiencing. I'm going to do my best to do as advised and stay away from group activities and other gatherings, and hope everyone of you can also stay safe from the virus, or at least don't suffer the worst of it.

On less serious news, I've been having a rough week, mostly because I have just been in a crazy funk of not going to bed until very late at night (midnight to 1) and have been cleaning my apartment out and not much else this week as a result, despite desperately wanting to write and do other stuff. I'm hoping now that the cleaning is done that I can break this sudden habit, and at the very least intend to get back to my writing. I managed some writing in a sexy MLP story I'm writing for FiMfiction,...
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Feeling better and made progress! Posted 1 month ago
Yello to all! I am almost over my cold it seems, and I have finished my current amount of work on A Different Kind of Special Talent. I also have mostly finished an idea I had waiting in the wings until recently today, a re-work of an Equestria Girls story written by someone else, done with their permission. I will look it over a few times before submitting it, but I expanded it overall pretty quickly, so there is little else I can imagine doing unless I think of adding something more.

I also have been buzzing to work on other things, and have even given myself license to tentatively spend time on other things if I simultaneously work on what I have planned to as well. My inspiration has hit like a freight-train that just keeps on rolling, and thus more is on the...
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Hey everybody... Posted 1 month ago
Hi. This month so far has been a bit of a bumpy ride. I just got back from my Uncle's, watching his house and dog-sitting for him and his husband. Unfortunately, I also have developed a cold, and am unsure when it will abate. I have been managing some writing still, making progress on A Different Kind of Special Talent finally, and have some stuff to work through after I've done more, and then I intend to do some more work on my surprise stories and some other things as well. After that though, I am going to give my best shot at steamrolling through my current chapter of Rarity's Delight, as I know you all are very eager for it, and I'm sorry it is all taking so long. I also have finally made some progress on all of the backed up stuff I have online, and hope I can...
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Just an update everybody! Posted 2 months ago
Hi, I know I said I would have a story out by the previous week, but I didn't. Why is a combination of me still not taking control of my day-to-day, and for some reason me being perpetually exhausted until Monday, when I was literally so sleepy I could not keep my eyes open and went to bed 2 hours earlier than the earliest I normally do. I suspect I just got stressed out from the stuff I did and didn't do the past month or so, as well as the holidays getting to me. I'm feeling much better now though (as in, actually eager to do what I want) and spent yesterday getting my apartment straightened out.

I literally just finished A Night of Monsters..., and all I have left is to edit it (which will be next week, as I want to give myself time to pull back from the...
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I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Holiday! Posted 3 months ago
I personally had a rather drab if not outright infuriating one, as my family is...irritating at the best of times, and I ended up getting into a difficult topic with my grandmother (she's a judgemental woman, and I hate when she says critical things based on so little information, just because someone does something she thinks is "mean" does not mean they are a bad person or "don't have anything better to do", the filthy hypocrite...). I am working on a better one though, as I have a bunch of Christmas specials to watch (just finished watching Krampus), and I'm making gingerbread cookies that are batter chilling in the fridge at this moment. Hmmmm, I wonder if next winter I could do a Christmas story involving living gingerbread, either predator, prey, or...
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To my readers able to respond, mind helping me out? Posted 3 months ago
Hey everybody! Voracious here, and I have some more news on, surprise surprise, my Derpy anal vore story, which I have decided to call Rising Bubbles. I am working on it, and am now flying blind on ideas. What I need help with though is a decision on something that has been niggling at me for a bit...

I essentially gave Derpy an excuse to not have to deal with Spike when she ate Twilight (partly because Twilight's reaction was...unwelcoming to say the least, and partly because the interactive this comes from doesn't allow younglings to be digested), which was that he was with Celestia in Canterlot. Now though, Derpy's next meal is Celestia, and thus Spike would reasonably either be with her, or at least in the castle. What do you, my readers, think I should have...
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Well, yesterday happened... Posted 4 months ago
I have some positive news to report. I have both been sleeping better, and have gotten most of the adapting portion of the Derpy anal vore interactive branch finished (I really should take the time to make a title for this damn thing now...). I spent practically all of yesterday on it, and have pretty much finished adapting all of the extremely relevant points from the writers of the interactive chapters, with only a bit left before I go off in my own direction. This also means that I have gotten through Derpy devouring all of the Mane Six with her ass, which is a massive relief.

My plan for today, should it work out, is to take care of some stuff IRL, then do some other stuff I need to take care of online (a flash game I'm close to finishing, maybe some reading of my feed...
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Sorry I missed November... Posted 4 months ago
Not much to really say this time, except that I have been chipping away at my stories. I'm closer, but still not done. I will get through them though, and to my surprise, I have been burning through my Derpy Hooves anal vore story, and might do still more today ^^; I genuinely cannot believe the fun and the creativity I had with the part I have written this past day or so, and the only explanation I can think of is that it involved Pinkie Pie...

I also haven't been sleeping well (I didn't fall asleep until 3AM, last night), as well as still not handling my other stuff as well as I should. I'll keep trying though, and hopefully will have something to (and probably multiple somethings...
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Happy Halloween and Nightmare Night everyone! Posted 5 months ago
Hey all, bit of a low-key day so I had nothing to distract me from making this holiday blog. Still working on my minor stories, and considering working on Rarity's Delight this weekend as I'm growing to miss my major stories, I also think I'll get started working on one or more of my surprises a bit earlier than I intended, they've been on my mind as of late... I'm working on my Derpy Hooves thing for now (it just got a hold of me today), but I intend to work on my newer thing and A Night of Monsters... tonight and/or tomorrow, and maybe other stuff too. I wish I had been able to at least get things done without going past a whole year, but I'll get them all done regardless.

Hope you all have a nice night and a great weekend, and I hope I can get some stuff done...
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October, late-ish update Posted 5 months ago
Hello readers! I just thought I would give another monthly update on what's been going on.

First of all, like I said in my last blog, I have been working on my minor stories. So far, I have made progress on A Night of Monsters... and hope to finish it some time this or next month at most. I also intend to do some work on Desires After a Nightmare and three other stories. Along with all of that, what I've been working on before that is something that though is not one of my two stated surprises, I will also not say what it is 8) All I will say is that it is something from another author, and I have just got their permission to go through with it and have made a ton of progress....
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