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On the Double Event Project Posted 2 months ago
An update for those waiting for Otachi's comic:

I'm sorry guys, I definitely shouldn't have said it was the next thing I would put out after the July update when at the time I hadn't made any significant progress on it.
It's still being worked on, but it's likely still a month or so from being finished, given my best estimate of my terrible work ethic.

Thanks for your patience!
7/2021 Update Posted 4 months ago
Heyo, hope those of you who still get summer off for one reason or another are enjoying it.

I don't have as much privacy during breaks from university at the moment, so that doesn't leave me a ton of time to draw big tummy. It's been a couple weeks since I last posted something, and it's probably going to be a while before I post my next work, so I figured I would take a little time to give an update here on things I have planned. Partially to organize my thoughts, and partially to not leave you guys totally in the dark.

First up, the Pacific Rim kaiju piece. Otachi has pretty clearly won the vote to be the predator, and I've expanded my plans, while sketching it out, to a comic showcasing Otachi swallowing and partially digesting Leatherback because I think it...
[ Continued ... ]
Profile Updating Posted 9 months ago
Howdy everyone,

I've been on here posting for a little while now and felt it was time to update all my shit so my presence here is more representative of me.
Socializing online has been a big hang-up for me in the past, so hopefully new profile writeups and an avatar based on my alias I whipped up in 10 minutes should help me feel more in tune with the community here.

I'd also like to take this time to thank everyone who's watching me, and everyone who favorited and commented on my posts because damn I got more attention here than I anticipated when I first started out some months ago.

So, thanks guys.