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Almost Caught Up Posted 1 year ago
So my Octummber 2019 is almost done, finally getting it finished nearly a year later HAHA whoops.

Yet, hopefully I dont fall back on this year's prompt. The creator had already released the new list:

So you want to try for your own version (or dont I ain't your mom) there is the link.

Like last year, mine will be themed: Monster Hunter
HOWEVER I'm actually going off my own list so if you see the days dont match, its just going to be my prompt. Maybe I'll do next year's one will be by the creator again. Either Space or Dino themed.
Little update (New Name) Posted 1 year ago
So uh, since I'm kind of terrible at this plug-in stuff I have a couple places I also post also!

Twitter -
Furaffinity -
&(Maybe) Pillowfort -

To answer a few things, I finally settled on a new name for myself.
I'll still be Wolfy here just any other place will be Ona-Yowl. I just felt Wolfy is too common of a name with just about anywhere and had this name old as dirt at this point. Again, I'll still be Wolfy here, and have the OC Wolfy too, just outside I want a different name and branding~

I'll be using FA from time to time to mostly post my furry stuff. Some personal furry artwork will appear here on my main gallery,...
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Ark is a word Posted 1 year ago
Whoops, I should been doing art work, had some Viper Girlfriend pics in the works but then Ark Survival Evolved came back into my life.

HAHA! Sorry guys.

Havn't even had the chance to try Chimera Squad or Fallout76 on steam.
Commission Status Posted 1 year ago
Might open them up come Wednesday. Depends on my work load and how fast I can pump out my price sheet and Terms&Service
Octummber Hiatius Posted 2 years ago
Sooooo, bit of bad news

Crunching the time numbers between my job, my art work, and something coming up; I have to put the Octummber on pause for now. The sickness did me in at the beginning of the month and playing catch up has been fun, but also eaten a lot of my time between stuff.

So it's paused for now until I have more time again, which should be around the beginning of November because I do want to finish it, and was nice to see my fallout babies again.

I will try and get some Halloween picture in at least! Hopefully I dont go mad with power and take in more then I can chew again for the Halloween picture!
Commissions closed + Update Posted 2 years ago
Whoops forgot to close my the themed commissions a couple weeks late.

Hard to do anything when you catch bronchitis for the second time this year that can evolve into pneumonia in a flash. WHOOPS! Caught it early because I noticed the same symptoms. But I'm better now, chugging pills and wasting my days off just doing bed rest. Crying a little inside because I could be doing a lot of other things other then being in bed x amount of days in a row, but what can you do.

I'm going to finish up what I owe in commissions, then do those fancy October themed stuff (couple days late, I still got time, its fine, its cool, its alright!)

Had some other projects but too much on my plate. Double whoops!
Monster Hunter Theme Commissions Posted 2 years ago
With the up coming Monster Hunter World DLC (that I cant play because I'm a PC scrub) I'm opening up my commissions for a wee bit, but just for Monster Hunter themed stuff. Sorry to those who want normal commissions open.

For those interested, the form here and fill it out with what you want.

As a quick thing, base price for each picture starts at $20 USD.

It includes:
- Base sketch (No color)
- Your character (Full body)
- Armor and Weapon (Can add or not, your choice)
- Monster choice (Full/Part Body depending on idea)
- Simple Background

Any questions, feel free to PM~

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Working and workng Posted 2 years ago
Work is a drag, doing 6hrs a day but feels like I dont get much time off. Feels like a roulette. What do I get for work hours this week? A double shifts just to earn 3 days off? Work weekends and not see a day off until 7 days later? Maybe this week a co-worker calls in and I do their shift on a day off! Yaaaaaaay. *Groans*

Parts of me wants to find something else, but I do love my boss and co-workers which is the only upside. A down side is customer's can be entitled as hell, yet when is that not a thing?
FrostBorne Hype! Posted 2 years ago

*Soft screech*

But for real, I feel like Capcom is just pulling up all the flag ship monsters and going "GANG IS ALL HERE, GUYS"

Monster Hunter Demis? Posted 2 years ago
So, I'm sure some of you guys noticed I started doing monster hunter demis, actually putting art in the damn folder.

I was curious which of the Monster Hunter creatures you would like to see pop up in my gallery. Did you also want me to add a little ecology favor text with the pic? Maybe color up the monster in question?

However, I wont do Great Jagras because its an obvious choice and you dont need me adding to the grow collecting of obvious vore monster! Dx

Also, it will be random if its guy or gal pred. BE WARNNED OOOoooOoOo spooky!

And now back to the Monster List

Zamtrios - Done
Barroth - Done
Royal Ludroth - Done
Malfestio - Done
Great Gagras...
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