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Lawl, I should change my blog more often Posted 7 years ago
I should, make people come to my gallery and see some depressing stuff? BAH!

(Why yes I am feeling better C: )

I'm late for saying Merry christmas so... Merry EARLY Christmas! (Only 362 days left untill Christmas)
Disappearing for a week or more Posted 7 years ago
Sorry, just my batteries ran dry and some RL problems has arised that needs attention asap
Vore Fan Character December Posted 7 years ago
Alright so I tried to get some pictures in before the end of December buuuut sadly I couldnt *sighs* What with thanksgiving and all~

Anyway you wondering about the title above me? Well it's simple dear viewer! For a whole month, by the end of this month I am gonna draw nothing (except for commissions) but fan characters in or doing vorish situations. They can be from anything. From Movies, games, shows, anime, cartoons, ect.

My goal is to make at least 25 or more pics.... so expect that.

if you want to leave a comment below on who I should draw, then that would be super cool and awesome of yeah! ~<3

So suggest away my dear viewers!

And no, this isnt a glorified free art of an OC fan character :C
Re-purposed Kink List Posted 8 years ago
Just a kink list of what you'll see me draw

Vore Types: Oral | Cock | Anal | Breast
Females, Males and Herms
Same Size
Stomach Squishing/Smoothing
Slow/Quick Digestion
Graphic/Fade to Black/Melty Digestion (Partner's choice)
Endo/Protective Vore
Clean Full Tour
Softcore Non-Fatal Cooking/Preparation
Force Feeding
Unbirth via healing, or digestion

Tail and Ear play (rubbing, suckling, nibbling)
Food Play
Pregnancy (Partner's choice)

[ Continued ... ]