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Tablet's not working... gonna have to buy another~ ewo;; Posted 4 weeks ago
Just so y'all are aware... Posted 8 months ago
I work from 1-10 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. As a result, I may wind up posting pics early in the morning or late at night. Be on the lookout, just in case.
Character Auction! Posted 10 months ago
I have an auction currently going on on Twitter if anyone if interested. O3O
Dear Artistic Drive, I miss you, please come back soon! :'D Posted 1 year ago
Sooooooooooo, if you've known me for any decent length of time, y'all should be very familiar with my tendency to fall into a case of the art block. Not to mention, work has been stressing me to the bone, and good ol' broken guitar-induced depression mixed with normal depression and laziness seems to be my fucking cocktail lately.

I love it, totally doesn't piss me off :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

So yeah, thank you all for your patience, and I apologize dearly for the lack of updates. Love all ya~
Apologies for not posting recent pics. Been tired lately. Posted 2 years ago
Unless it's my day off from work, I'm probably gonna be posting pics I draw anywhere from 12AM-6AM EST. If you're asleep around that time, you'll have to look in your messages for the pics.
TheVoreBin Returns... kinda. Posted 2 years ago
I might not be doing pony artwork anymore, but maybe I'll answer a few questions here and there with images. Just another option to see what I'm up to is all c:
The gif's captions is the title Posted 2 years ago
a friend of mine has helped me get a new tablet, and I shall be drawing again very soon! In the meantime, I have a few rough sketches I'll be posting. They aren't amazing, but they introduce another new gal of mine, and I think you'll like them... if you can deal with my shitty drawing, of course~
Hey, you? Yeah, you! Posted 3 years ago
You like ponies? You like vore? You like pony vore? If so, then do I have the onoxiously large foler of content for you. following the link below will take you to my dropbox, that has been filled with all the posts i never posted to anything but Tumblr, of my old NSFW blog, thevorebin. If you wanna see where Mulberry, Bera/Kuda, Xoe, and Saturn were first concieved, these are the pics for you, as well as a few randoms as well. owo/
Enjoy~ ... Hf1wa?dl=0
So... lemme explain Aria... Posted 3 years ago

Aria is a bisexual, loud-mouthed, beer-guzzling Brit of a Weasel who has been a bit of an unexplained character for way too long in my stuff, so allow me to explain her a bit more.

After years as a gang member, causing trouble left and right, and finally having enough of that life, she moved away to Ironstalk, the same town that Vali, Nothing, Phulph, etc. live. However, when she got to Ironstalk, she’d found out that she had been seen there on and off for years at that point. Eventually, she tracked the imposter back to the house of Val, Nothing, and Phluph, the latter and former of which have some explaining to do.

[ Continued ... ]
Dates... of the Up variety! Posted 6 years ago
First off, I hope you're all having a nice holiday.
Secondly, as usual, I apologize for my lack of art. My laziness is mostly due to gaming, work, and overall enthusiasm... seriously, these are my last pair.
Seriously though, I'll try to get something done in a few days, I gotta get back in the groove.