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Today is meh birthday! Posted 8 months ago
I don't like to make a big deal about myself, but people like to know, so here's the post!
New Patreon Rewards with Commission Reward Images! Posted 9 months ago
Want less hassle for Commissions? Here you go!

Patrons get these tiers as options now:

Cookies N' Cream: One Black and White Commission
Neapolitan Ice Cream: One Colored Commission
Birthday Cake: One Colored/Shaded Commission

New Comic coming soon... Posted 10 months ago
Addie is about to face heartbreak and sorrow... and a new power slumbering within
Does she have what it takes to overcome this, or will her new power consume her?
An ever-consuming power... people hunting her for it... the loss of a loved one... Will Addie ever be the same?

This comic will be made available to Patrons in the $5 and up category when it's completed, and will be released publicly a month later. I will make an announcement when it is out, so don't worry about missing it!
Free Redraws! [CLOSED] Posted 10 months ago
I'm in the mood to draw today, so if you have an image for me to redraw, then gimme!
Boosting my Brother's new Custom Shoes!!! Posted 10 months ago
My brother started working on doing custom shoes that are lifeproof (you could literally douse it with a hose and it wouldn't get wet, for example) and needs some support for buying materials and such and getting commissions for doing the shoes.

Please check out his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RenaissArts
or commission him for some custom shoes on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RenaissArts?r ... p_redirect

Shoes normally range from 95 to 110 or so, but they come custom painted and are treated to be lifeproof. If you plan on spending over 100 dollars on...
[ Continued ... ]
Let me know who you are! Posted 10 months ago
A certain someone donated to me, and I don't have your online name! PM me so we can get you your rewards, and thank you a ton!
Commissions open for a limited time! Posted 10 months ago
Four slots available! Sign up here: https://commiss.io/addie
Lemme rant for a sec Posted 11 months ago
I hate how I've physically become...

Sometimes my mind wanders in the middle of doing something. I grunt when I lay down in bed or get up from squatting - which causes more cracking sounds than crushing a bag of lays chips - and I feel like my metabolism is working overtime just to counter how badly I'm treating it.

My teeth are starting to stain black a little, though not permanent. My glasses are becoming obsolete. I have no energy at work.

But there are two things hurting me most of all: spending a minimum time drawing for you guys and not going to the 24/7 gym literally a 5 minute walk away.

I think it stems with a dedication issue, but... I just don't know...

Any suggestions? I need your help, folks...
Commiss.io is up and running! Posted 11 months ago

(People put it there three times in a row for a reason, right?)
Poll ending tomorrow! Posted 11 months ago