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Happy new year! Posted 8 years ago
I wish everyone a Happy new year!

For now a new years break thanks to lack of sleep @[email protected] and tomorrow back to work~ Placing NPC's putting in dialogue~ all the fun stuff!
29.12.2013 - Game Progress Posted 8 years ago
(Just a little mind map for myself to keep track =3)

"How to be a pred"

- Finished the Map Layout for the Forrest Maze

To do:

- Re do the way Death scenes are handled :gulp:
- Connect the street scene with the plot line and Potion shop.
- Bug test everything
- Continue Mapping
- Inserting the sprites
Long time of absence Posted 8 years ago
I excuse for being so long in absence =x I had some troublesome and busy times and I forgot to check Eka's during that.

As for now I gained the opportunity of a lot free time and I will use it to finish up the games I'm working on as best as I can. The overall project is of course huge but working on it mostly yourself and having a RL on the same paw to work with? It's simply too much for me... so I'am going to wrap everything up with what I can.

I hope to use the time for now to add some good bunch of content, it might not be shaped as how I originally planned it to be, but at last it will be something to enjoy I hope! Sorry for all the inconvenience~ x.x
I'm sloooow and I know it! Posted 9 years ago
I know I had been slow for now quite a Month or so and i excuse for that.

Live had been busy and such as an important time of my live came... *insert long text about wasted time here*

But anyway I'm back and began today as well to start back on working on the games.
So in case you have suggestions to make game play better let me know!

As for the current state "How to be a Pred" will keep it's visualized novel gameplay,
with of course far less dead ends during the game. But the interactiveness will be kept.

So when you see something, there will be something to read through when you touch it.
And may or may not lead towards interesting situation and multiple plot paths even.

Some stuff as you...
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Vore Game Beta release Posted 9 years ago
I released the first Beta versions of my game now and I'm happy to be finally able to show something off from my work...

Having worked mostly alone on the games it consumed a lot of time and will consume further as I continue to develop em.
But at least for now I don't have to work in the shadows anymore and can gather feedback on both games concepts. : )

How to be a Predator (Tame) ( 11 - different endings, 3 - different endings for your friend, 1 Minigame)

Poke Date (Adult) ( 7 - different endings)

If someone wants to help, just send me a note...
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