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A boss idea for a fetish based rpg. Posted 1 day ago
A non pred character with a TV for a face and access to knowledge only a viewer would know. His goal is to entertain himself and will lie, manipulate, blackmail, and mentally torture everybody to get that entertainment. By the time he's found by the prey status player hes the main boss of a city completely under his rule after he shattered the mind of the original ruler with his cursed knowledge. And when he's fought. He mainly attacks with TV references and spilling awful knowledge to the player to quarter their stats. Upon being beaten his screen is cracked and he ends up exploding from the damage taken. If he beats the player, the game over screen has the player get impailed on his fist as a guro death.
Todd Posted 2 weeks ago
"I fix your stuff so you can enjoy this hell before you burn..."
A nihilistic yet cranky mechanic and technician who runs a shop that welcomes everyone. However those
that treat him badly, those who enrage him, and those who come in after messing with his shop will have their devices sabotaged for deadly results, like a phone being set to explode the second a call is answered, or a cars breaks and steering to stop working once it reaches a certain speed, and more horrific results
Negadeus wip Posted 4 weeks ago
Greed. loss. Sorrow. Anger. Cruelty. He is all of these things, drawn to the ekaverse due to the sheer volume of these emotions dwelling within, a being reasembling that of a shadowy angel. It's powers of destruction are legendary. Cracking world's boundaries with the ease of cracking eggs, and seeping its horrid influence over the inhabitants. Causing mass violence and chaos. It's goals aren't known. The only things truly known is that it's effects are nearly impossible to fully erase and gazing upon it directly can potentially cause utter nihilism at best and suicide at worst. The only ones who can stand up to this destructive effect are those who possess unparalleled optimism
Roy. Posted 1 month ago
A tall and lanky man in a pyrotechnics outfit who obsesses over bombs and explosives. Impact,pipe, napalm,time,sticky, and... nuclear. And he never runs out of the first 5 somehow. And his main goal is to "create a bomb that will make tsar Bomba look like a firecracker!" And he already has most of the materials.tgis guy is one who will, just like his armaments, verbally explode over those who keep getting on his nerves or in the way of his goals.
Judas. Posted 1 month ago
"Do we have! A! Deeaaal!?
The smallest of the cast yet the most charismatic. This is a manipulative little bitch who hides behind charisma and well laid out plans. He is a master of psychological warfare, and even managed to make someone kill themselves. This guy has a whopping 3 abilities and mental effect immunity.. Terms and conditions makes it that going against a deal or violates listed terms and conditions causes the most agonizing pain(even those that cannot Normally feel pain) will course through their body. Swear? does the same thing when someone breaks a promise made to him. And paralysis. Yep... its a stunning affect. When the group needs a negotiation, judas is always the one to do it (usually with Jack or Reggie as an enforcer) This guy has the strongest world...
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Jack. Posted 1 month ago
A man with an affinity for brutality so severe and over the top that even guro artists are saying bruh. This guy has the strange ability to cause anything he's using as a weapon (ie anything he's holding with intent to maim) to never break or run out of ammo. This guy is the worst out of all of them in social situations due to his tendency to brutalize whoever sets him off even slightly. Dispite this, he is the most loyal the group that is the rest of the cast. And has the most Trouble hopping between the universes
Gregory Posted 1 month ago
"The ol switcheroo! Always gets them!"
A small and mischevious man with the uncanny ability to swap bodies of people who he makes physical contact with as well as an attack known as "parasitic flame". This guy is actually one of the casts greatest assets due to how strong his ability is and how loyal to the group he is despite his mischievous native. His original body is a very weak and feeble one, essentially screwing over whoever he performs theswitcheroo with. And he can mark someone to perform the switcheroo with later or automatically on death. Meaning that if he is able to touch you, your essentially screwed. When he has swapped bodies, the body he's in will lose all sexual aspects (genitalia and breasts) as well as excess fat, the missing assets will end up...
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The doctor. Posted 1 month ago
"Chemestry is more than an art, more than a science, it's divine"

A cemestry and alchemy obsessed sicko who created the infamous lust to bloodlust cocktail, hyperization virus. And ultimelt supplement. Thus many is a more backlines chemical terrorist that usually sells his wares to people who just wants to watch the world burn. Most of the time this includes the rest of the cast other than the sin chaser,This man is not one to be trifled with. His knowledge of chemicals and formulas allowed him to recreate Greek fire and a lot of chemical bombs. However he rarely gets into direct combat due to how far out of the way and hidden his hideout is, combined with his rarely he leaves the building. His worldhopping capabilities are middling
Reggie Posted 1 month ago
"You thought that upon a man you would've fed. Too bad your last meal was a pound of hot lead."
A man with an infinite ammo tommy gun and high reaction time. This guy goes for the "savvy gangster" motif. This is a fire forged friend with little trust starting off, yet will go out of his way to protect you once you become his friend. Though betray him and the "gangster motif" will make itself apparent with his horrifically cruel torture methods. He has a very high distaste for preds, and will antagonize/gun them down at the nearest opportunity. There is an exception, reforming preds and preds who don't consume unwilling people. This guy is actually an enforcer of the cast. And is always with judas during negotiations if thing go rough. Dispite judases...
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The sin chaser. Posted 1 month ago
The sin chaser is a newly discovered meta entity. hulking being of bones and decaying flesh, sharp claws and brutish strength. This would be terrifying in its own right. However it's behavior and disabilities balance out its destructive nature. It's completely blind, and only locates beings by a mixture of sound, and its innate ability to sense people with kill counts. It chases those with the highest relentlessly yet slowly. But nothing gets in its path without being broken. Any attacks sent towards it deal minimal damage, and was seen to still be killing after having 68% of the flesh blasted away with heavy and concentrated fire. However only days later it was seen to be good as new. Also... its really toxic. Effectively killing cocky preds that try to swallow it.
Has to be warped...
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