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Planning to go on Vacation Posted 1 month ago
Well, hopefully, after tomorrow, I'll be on vacation for a week, to spend time with my family. While I plan to bring my smartphone and laptop, I don't know how often I'll be on.

Edit - well, vacation became a staycation.
Some Old Stuff, and My Thoughts on Vore in General Posted 2 months ago
Got some old vore-based/adjacent stuff on my computer, from like 2010, if not older. This stuff will be much more rawer, and less refined, than what I normally do, with blocks of text and such.

Some of these items were inspired by, among other things, a WdC interactive called "Human in a Monster World" by one called Oddler. Now, while I liked certain aspects of the writing, what I disliked was the whole killing humans for no reason, as if a human that the predator knew for years all of a sudden meant nothing. This, among other items no longer around, motivated me to go primarily in a non-fatal direction, unless a death meant something to a story, beyond the human simply being a meal. This is because - and this is the funny part - I don't see death as sexy. Sorry to...
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Food Hypocrite Posted 3 months ago
Got to laugh at this. I work at a grocery store, in the produce section. Anyways, dude comes in, and picks up several things of tofu. So, I go, "Getting a Vegan selection for a BBQ?"

Dude goes, "Oh, just picking up lunch for some of my co-workers."

I go, "What kind of work?"

Dude goes, "Farming."

Me: You mean like, beef, pork, and chicken sort of farming?

Dude: Yeah, only they don't eat beef, pork, or chicken.

Me: Sounds like some sort of hypocrisy.

Them: Yep.

Like I said - got to laugh. Maybe I'll make a John Wrangler story based off of this sort of thing, where someone who claims to not eat humans (as I do have a religion in that saga that...
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Vore Day Item Posted 4 months ago
Okay, got my Big Meal Day Meal item done. Now, to figure out if I should post it now, or wait until Tuesday?
Interactive Tip Posted 5 months ago
When posting a chapter in someone's interactive, you must ask yourself one question -

If I was adding this as a stand-alone item to my profile, would I want this to be used as an example of my writing skills?

Now, if you're just making an "Other" option, I understand keeping it short. However, I just recently got something that 1, had terrible grammar, and 2, could have possibly changed the rating of my item from a 13+ rating to an 18+ one (over on WdC). Overall, it was a short and ugly mess - I deleted it.

Please, have a sense of pride in what you write. I mean, if a professional reviewer from a well-known publisher came across your addition, it might pay to leave them a good impression of your skills.
Birthday on June 3 Posted 6 months ago
Well, my B-Day is on June third, in two weeks. Feels nice. 34 years old.
Discord Posted 9 months ago
Well, figured out how the Discord thing works. That being said, while I might tell it if asked, if you got a history of pestering, the answer is no.
Brain Transplant Worked Posted 9 months ago
Got a new computer, and so far things work.
My Interactves and Red Links Posted 10 months ago
I've noticed that someone is opening up some red links in my interactives. Now, buddy, if you're reading this, please, send me a PM about your ideas, so that perhaps we can help each other out. I won't bite, too hard.

That being said, if you make a Red Link and you don't add to it, I might delete it. Nothing against you, I just prefer that additions are posted.
Computer is not working, again. Posted 10 months ago
Going to need a new computer - might just do that. Kind of have to use the main one until I get a new one, as mine doesn't want to work.