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Sneak Peaks Posted 11 hours ago
Once I get my computer back, here's a few things I hope to work on -

A Typical Day and Date - A human, raised by Anthro Wolves, and dating an Anthro Fox, goes through a Typical Day, and Date. Will include Willing Prey, Non-Fatal Vore, Oral Vore, Soft Vore, Food Play/Prep, Wolf/Human, Fox/Human, Wolf/Rabbit, Tiger/Human and a few other such things. About 80% done.

A Dragon's Princess - A Princess claims she'd rather be eaten by a Dragon, instead of marrying a Prince. Guess who is listening? Will include Willing Prey, Non-Fatal, Oral, Dragon/Human, possibly romance.

Cat and Mouse - In a world where human are mouse-sized, and many other animals are Anthros, a Cat has fun with her human housemate. Will include Willing Prey, Non-Fatal, Macro/Micro,...
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Computer is not working Posted 3 days ago
To my personal annoyance, my computer is not working. Writing will be delayed for a bit I guess.
Vore Day Posted 1 month ago
Well, you'll be able to blame Meatloaf for the story I'll be posting for Vore Day.

It's a Short Romance Story between a male Werewolf and a Human Woman.
Got an Interactive Posted 2 months ago
Well, created what I'm calling Camp Lucky Animals. Idea is a group of humans in a Science-Fantasy world have won a prize to a camp, and they are now exposed to a wider world than just their human-dominated town.

Now, the idea is that there's Magic/Technology that allows for Reformation, so that if anything happens, like getting gobbled up by a pretty/handsome werewolf, the person would wake up on their bed, completely fine. So, go crazy, and if you got questions, ask me.
Posting a few things Posted 2 months ago
Well, figured out how to get the gallery thing working, and thus I've been posting some of my things.
About me Posted 3 months ago
Just a guy from Western New York. I like writing about many things. Favorite fetishes involve anthros and nonfatal vore. When it comes to a fetish story, to me, the most important aspect is a well-written story. Even if the fetish isn't something I particularly care for, give me a good story, and I'll sit through it.