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Kirta Issue Posted 4 days ago
Is anyone else having issues with Krita 4.3.0 and Huion Kamvus Pro 13?
Steven's Hangry Feast Posted 6 days ago
For anyone that was waiting for more chapters of Steven Hangry Feast: That story is dead. I've tried working on it since the finally of SU, but the depression I dealt with after SUF ended basically killed it. I have tried to work on the remaining chapters but find it hard to stay on task, but that maybe my ADHD. If anyone wants to finish it your more than welcome to just seen me a message and i'll send you what I do have.
Twitch over Picarto Posted 7 days ago
I think in the future if I do any gaming streams they'll be on TWITCH. Had too many issue on Picarto just either cutting out or dropping frames. So games on twitch, art stuff on picarto.
Picarto Posted 3 weeks ago
Hey, I made a Picarto account for coloring streams and for random game play. https://picarto.tv/Clearwater09
My next commission is ready Posted 1 month ago
The next comic I want to commission is going to be 12 pages long and that just part 1. Please pray for my wallet
Evil Steven Story Posted 1 month ago
The story that goes with the Evil Steven AU pic has been posted.

You can find it:

Here: https://www.deviantart.com/13thmedievaldoctor/art/Snapped-A-Steven-Universe-Story-Corruption-845981198


Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24802468
Update Posted 4 months ago
Redid the coloring on the Pink Steven version of the comic to match better with the update color pallets of the show. https://aryion.com/g4/view/582072
Depression Posted 4 months ago
So, it's been a few days since the end of Steven Universe, while I still get emotional about it being over, its not as bad as it was. I'm able to look at screen shots now of without tearing up. But over the past few days, I've been in this semi depressed state because of the mental health aspect of the show and I've been trying to compare it to something else made me feel the same way, so I could use the same steps I did with that to help lift my spirits up. So, today it finally hit me, Evangelion was another show that made me have the same feelings because of the mental health issues surrounding that show as well. It took me awhile to come out of that one but I was able to do it by constantly listening to the soundtrack. So I've been listening to all three Steven Universe soundtracks...
[ Continued ... ]
It's over is it, Goodbye Steven Universe Posted 4 months ago
I've watched series finales of TV shows before that have made me sad but the end of Steven Universe, the not knowing if we will ever get a continuation any way, shape or form bothers me. I know Rebecca said there was nothing for now but I really hope there will be. But I would love to see him traveling the 39 states and to see the actual future for Steven and Connie and FIND OUT WHAT WAS IN THE DAMN CHEST IN LION'S MANE. I'll get over it but for now i'll just be a sad boi, looking for something to replace that Steven Universe shape hole in my soul.
Gota love DA Posted 4 months ago
So, had someone on DA send me a note asking me for a request. I asked for a outline of what they want. After I clarified that they were wanting a written story and not a drawing. They said well it can be a drawing. I gave them the link to  Varu page and told him he was the one that drew the Steven comic. They proceeded to then say every thing they know about me is a lie and my gallery is a lie. When I said Varu may draw what you want, just know Varu charges for drawings, they come back with my mom wont let me spend money on stupid things.