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Deleting Account Posted 2 years ago
Gone! Don't contact me!
PATREON NOTICE Posted 5 years ago
Tiers have been limited to $1 and $5 now. $1 is my tip jar. It will offer WIPs, brushes I use, step-by-steps and things like that.

$5 will offer my PSD files

Thank you so much for all the support the last few months but I think its better if I just keep patreon as a tip jar
Patreon!!! FREE REQUESTS Posted 5 years ago
Hello! I just wanted to let patrons know that from now on the $10 tier will not offer randomly selected prizes.
Instead it will be open all month to requests I receive! This doesn't mean I'll be doing ALL of them, but it makes it a possibility for me to do more than one drawing reward per month.

You can become a patron here
Birthday Posted 5 years ago
I'm turning 22 on the 13th of February bleggh
Another Commission Delay Posted 6 years ago
Sorry again to anyone that's expecting art from me. I got hit with Midterms so now I'm a little behind on the things I owe. Midterms are officially over now so I'm going to try to get back on track
Commissions delay Posted 6 years ago
I'm really sorry I've had to keep telling the people on my waiting list that the estimated date for when commissions will be open again keeps getting pushed back.
Please be patient and I WILL get to you eventually. There's just been a lot of things coming up lately that have been crippling my productivity.
Things will get done as soon as I can finish them. Thank you.
Commissions are Open Posted 6 years ago
Emergency Commissions Posted 6 years ago
I’m gonna be making a post for emergency commissons sometime today. I’m losing a lot of hours at my job and that’s no bueno at all.
I really hope I can get some of you backing me up. At this rate I'm gonna have to make up for all the money I'm losing at work, which is a lot.
LOOK AT MY ROOM Posted 6 years ago
Just to reassure you guys that I'm even cuter than you originally thought I was
Guess who's not dead // Commission talk Posted 6 years ago
It me
I just moved into a new house and working at a new job on top of a lot of other irl situations going on.
But I'm probably finally gonna have some time around to draw more porn.
I'm gonna be opening commissions soon so look out for that I need money xoxo