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commission slot Posted 2 years ago
opening one commission slot for $40+(depending on complexity), colored and simply shaded. Dm with oc photo. First come first serve (unless the request or oc doesn’t fit within my guidelines)
Commission stream Posted 3 years ago
$25 base price, +10 for color, +5 for simple shading, extra for complexity like a lot of hair or wings.

Starting around 3-4pm EST!
Commission stream tomorrow Posted 3 years ago
Per the usual, i’ll be taking 2-3 commissions for $25 (monochrome color) +5 for shading! The stream will start around 2 pm EST

EDIT: 4 pm est!
Sorry I had to cancel the stream yesterday, I got hope from shopping later than expected and then had to clean, it was too late to really get a commission in.

However, I am doing a request stream for all patrons in the $5 and $15 tier at 1pm est today, if you're interested in a simple sketch it's not too late to pledge.
Request Stream Posted 3 years ago

Taking v simple requests! Commission stream tomorrow and patreon request stream on sunday
Commission stream Posted 3 years ago
Starting in 3-4 hours on my picarto! $25 for a basic monochromatic colored sketch.
Commission and request streams Posted 3 years ago
Heya! I’m doing a commission stream on saturday on my picarto like usual, I’ll do 2-3 comms for $25 each!
Then I’ll be doing a request stream for my $5 and $15 patrons (smaller my simple sketches) on sunday, if you’re insteresred then check out my patreon ^^
PATREON Posted 3 years ago
I now have a patreon! I post WIPS, sketches, polls, and offer gift art to $15 patrons! check it out
Patreon stuffs b4 sketch stream Posted 3 years ago
Sketch commission stream on saturday Posted 3 years ago
Reminder that i’ll be doing a sketch stream saturday from around 3 pm est to whenever my wrist dies
$25 base per character for a fullbody monochromatically colored sketch! ^^