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Streaming Posted 2 years ago

Coloring a piece before we get to the commission stream, which I'll make an img announcement for!

Feel free to pop in
Sketch commission stream on saturday Posted 2 years ago
Saturday, starting 3 pm EST I’ll be doing a commission stream on my picarto!
For a single character, it’s $25 ($5 less than what it would be just commissioning me), if it’s overly complex I may add to the price, or if there’s larger prey in scene I will add to the price.
You can commission sketch sequences too ^^
Changing prices soon Posted 2 years ago
The demand for my comms is a bit higher than what I can accept, i have a lot of reserved slots right now (more than i’m used to, thank y’all for being interested in my work!) there’s no backlog because I haven’t accepted payment for the commissions yet so I can keep my actual queue to only 2-3 works at one time.

I will be charging $5-10 more for each commission tier, however, IN STREAM sketch commissions will stay at $25, just to give y’all an incentive to look out for them so you can get a deal ^^

Anyone who has already reserved a slot will not have increased prices !

Thank you, hope y’all understand.
early stream Posted 2 years ago
Streaming on picarto to finish up the sketch commissions!
Commission Stream Tomorrow Posted 2 years ago
Doing a commission stream on picarto tomorrow, $15 for a simple sketch (or $25 for a more in depth one like this

Starting around 4 est!
Streaming Posted 2 years ago

Starting a commission!
1 commission slot open Posted 2 years ago
Just about to finish 2/3 of the commissions in my queue currently, so I'm opening another slot!

Depending on how large the piece commissioned is, I might take another, so don't be afraid to ask for a slot even if it's been a while since this blog post ^^

Check out pricing here

Pm me or email me at [email protected]