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New nearly 100 panel vore comic out now - Athena's O-Vore-Whelming Appetite Posted 8 days ago
Buy the full comic from my e-junkie store for only $6.50 here:

My latest and by far largest sequential comic featuring 96 panels of vore, weight gain, growth, giantess, belching and destruction.

Athena is a special giantess, unlike other giantesses who are women who have grown into giantesses, Athena was born as a giantess. This means that she now has a very unique job. She devours other giantesses before they start eating too many ordinary people.
One of these ordinary people is her human stepdaughter, Lila.

Lila for her part loves nothing more than seeing her massive stepmother get even larger as she gorges herself on giantesses.

Buy the full...
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Fantasy Vore Story and Sequence pack released! Posted 1 month ago
Buy it on my ejunkie store here:

A Story and Sequence pack featuring three stories:
An Adventurous Appetite (F/FFF) Naga Pred
Brandy, a very large naga takes on a job to clear a tower from three elves who have made life difficult to a group of archeologists.
A Centauress Savoiour (FMMM) Centaur pred
Jezebel, Queen of the Centaurs discovers a trio of men hunting a beautiful elf, when she learns that the elf is nobility she makes the hunters her prey.
The Lady shows Her Fangs (F/FF) Werewolf Pred
Irene Fenrere is a kind and caring noblewoman whos reputation is tarnished after standing up for a young man. After discovering the culprit of her reputation loss,...
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Incoming Vore Pack Posted 2 months ago
Same-Size Fatansy Vore Story and Sequence Pack

Featuring three vore stories with renders included:
- An Adventurous Appetite (Naga Pred, F/FFF)
- A Centaur Saviour (Centauress pred, F/MMM)
- A Lady bears her Fangs (Werewolf pred, F/FF Weight Gain)

And three sequences:
- The Danger of Mermaid Cove (Mermaid Pred, F/M)
- A Widening Witch (F/multiple, Post Vore, Digestion, Weight Gain)
- A Stuffed Sphinx (Sphinx Pred, F/FFMM)

Will be available this weekend for $7.50 USD from my e-junkie store.
I'm in a particualrly shit mood right now. Who wants a commission? Posted 3 months ago
As the title suggests, I'm in a particularly crap mood so for today only. The next 24 hours. I'm going to be taking commissions.

The commissions will be single to triple image sequences.
All images are going to be 1080 by 2160 and will cost $15 per image.
I will open up 10 slots.

If you want a commission please PM me.

As per my normal do's and don'ts

Will Do / Won't Do

What I WILL do;
Same Size Vore (oral, cock, anal, navel, unbirth)
Macro/Micro (Oral vore Only)
Weight Gain
Gas (Burping and farting)
Female Predators
Futa Predators
Internal shots
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Making myself clear once and for all - Do NOT disrespect my OC's Posted 3 months ago
I have run out of patience.

I am sick of seeing users on here disrespecting my characters. If my character is a pred, then do NOT under any circumstance come onto my gallery and state they are prey or threaten to depict them being murdered/killed/eaten in your own artwork.

Anyone that does this will be blocked instantly. I am fucking over this.
Have the common fucking decency to show respect to other creators, I don't come onto your profiles and start shit, so I fail to see the fucking reason why you do it.
Incoming vore pack Posted 5 months ago
Hopefully in the next day or so I will have another image pack for sale. And as it is vore day, the pack will have a little more than what I normally put in them.

20 vore pinups
2 vore sequences, one with 11 panels and the other with 17
A full 15 to 20 page vore comic.

All of this will be available in the same pack, Voracious Vixens for only $5.
Ariana Returns Posted 7 months ago
I've recently uploaded a new video of my massive, ssbbw giantess Ariana over on DA, here's the link

Now, the reason I haven't posted it here is because Eka's Portal does not support video files anymore. So if you want to look at any of my animatioins, and there are several new ones, be sure to check out my DA account.
Ariana'sEnormous Appetite - Taken Down Posted 9 months ago
For those of you wondering where Ariana's Enormous Appetite has gone, it has been DMCA's. Pornhub has removed it from it's site because someone has claimed copyright against it.

Unfortunately, the way pornhub operates, there is no way of knowing who has put in the DMCA.

Now, will I be reuploading the video? No, there is no point if this continues to happen.

I may however make a remake and use different assets.
Upcoming Comics will be Split - Important! Posted 10 months ago
In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, I will be making significant changes to the three upcoming 40 page comics.

Originally they were supposed to be release in full with a price of $15 USD. However, after carful consideration I have decided to split the comics into chapters. The first of these, A Mother's Predatory Instinct will be four (4) chapters long, totalling 48 pages. Each of these chapters will be $5 USD.

There will be a full version that will be released with Chapter 4, for those that would rather read through the whole comic at once.

The second and third comics, O'Vore'protective Predator and Predator Prison Welcomes you will both be 3 chapters, totalling 36 pages each. These chapters will also be sold at $5...
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Things to look out for - Comics and Animations Posted 11 months ago
Okay, so all scenes for the first Episode of Feasts of War are complete, just need to do the sound and music. Should be up before the end of the month.

Second thing is that I will be making more comics in the near furture, now these will be for sale only and all of them are going to be much larger than the normal comics I sell.

A Mother's Predatory Instinct - 40 pages
Freecia has discovered that her darling daughter Rose is lost in one of the harshest jungles in the Fractured Realm, with only Davian for company. Unable to think of a worse scenario for her adorable and very precious 'little girl' Freecia sets off to rescue her from the monsters that lurk in the shadows, even if that means she has to devour everything that stands between her and her daughter....
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