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I've had enough. Posted 1 month ago
I can't handle it anymore. I'm sorry to those that love my art but I really can't deal with the kind of shit that some users are putting me through.

If it's not people berating me about not doing commissions or requests, then it's users demanding I teach them how to make vore art, despite the fact that I had to teach myself. And then there's the people who demand I give them the assets I've purchased from DAZ, thus breaking the terms of service and EULA because if they can't make vore art the same way I do then they may as well not live anymore. There's only so much of this shit I can put up with.

I'll be uploading the links to Expanding her Career, Entering the Lair and Demolishing Devourer sometime in the next few weeks, then I'll be gone for a while.
Leave Me Alone before I leave Eka's *EDIT* Posted 1 month ago
I have had multiple requests from multiple users on how I make the 'vore bellies' on my models and if I can send them.
The short answer is NO.
For those who are unaware of how DAZ works, they are not individual bellies, nor are they vore specific. The bellies are actually morphs that change the shape of the character/mesh. Unlike what can be produced in 3dsmax/Maya/Zbrush, the morphs in DAZ are just that, morphs.
So please stop asking me to send you something that is not an actual item. I had to purchase the product that allows me to change how the models look and by sending invididual models out to people I will be breaking not only the vendors Terms of Service but DAZ's as well.
If you want to learn how to make vore bellies. Then look at things like Source Film...
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Stop asking, it's not happening Posted 1 month ago
Why is it that every time I post, people automatically assume that I do commissions?

I have made it plain on multiple occasions and on my commissions page. I AM NOT TAKING COMMISSIONS.

I also made it clear that the more people that harass me about it the less chance I would ever reopen them again. It has now come to a point that when I state that I am not taking them, both on here and over on DA, the person enquiring decides to either berate me or try to guilt trip me into doing the commission. This is both disrespectful and disgusting behaviour, if I tell you politely that I am not taking commissions, then you, should respect my decision.
Now to finish off Feasts of War Episode 1 Posted 2 months ago
Just finished the last comic for those that participated in my World Building Contest. And I have to say I will never be doinging anything like it again, or any contest for that matter. There is absoluteley no point if next to no one competes. Now before anyone comes up with the argument that they didn't have enough time, the contest was on for a month and all it required was for a character design, not a 12,000 page thesis.
In total only three people bothered to enter, and one entered at the last possible time. So I find myself wondering if it was worth it it the long run, and the answer is clearly, no.

The submissions that were entered I'm grateful for. However the sheer number of people who asked about requests while the contest was on tells me that there is no point...
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Poll - Small Halloween Animation Posted 3 months ago
With only a few days to Halloween, if I were to make a small animation, what would people prefer to see?
Contest over - Congrats to the winners Posted 4 months ago
The Fractured Realm Submission Contest is now over, thanks to the three people who submitted entries in that time. I'll be contacting them soon to discuss their prizes.

For everyone who asked for either commissions or requests instead of just entering the contest, I really don't like you.
The Fractured Realm - Submission Contest Posted 5 months ago
For the last few months I've been trying to flesh out and mold my Fractured Realm universe. However I'm just one person and creating an entire universe is a little tricky. So I'm opening it up to others in the form of a special contest.

This is a submission contest, it will run from now until the end of September. The contest is fairly straightforward, I want submissions for the Fractured Realm. What kind of submissions you might ask, well any of the following:

Submissions that won't be accepted include:

An examples could include things like:
A queen who rules some of the lands occupied by Freecia, the queen was cursed by a...
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New contest for those interested. - Contest is over. Posted 5 months ago
Well that eneded quickly, took all of 30 minutes for two people to finally get the answers I was looking for.

I may do another larger contest soon.
Please stop asking. Posted 7 months ago
Can people please stop asking or demanding that I do commissions for them. I am NOT taking commissions and the more people that ask me about doing them the less inclined I will feel about doing them in the future. At the present moment I am far too involved in my own projects to concern myself with commissions.

If you are unsure if I'm doing commissions or not then check my commissions status. For now it will say; No.

I may open trades when I am not busy but at the moment that is not the case.

Also I will NEVER take requests again, it is simply not worth my time or the amount of money it takes to complete them. Remember almost every model you see in my pictures I've had to purchase, or I've created over the course of several days.
Upcoming Comics Posted 7 months ago
With the release of Can Love Conquer Vore? which was released as a PDF not as individual images I am announcing a trio of short aka 10 pages, comics. Each of these comics will cost $5 and will be available in my ejunkie store.

The comics in their release order are:
Can Love Conquer Vore? - A fantasy vore comic set around a daring adventurer trying to save a princess from a towering and somewhat seductive demoness. However all is not quite what it seems.
Giantess Pred
Fatal and Non-Fatal
Internal shots

A Fulfilling Revenge - Tina is the kind of woman that anyone would want to be with, however for whatever reason her boyfriend has been avoiding her. When she discovers his dark little secret she is forced to reveal...
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