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The Fractured Realm - Submission Contest Posted 10 months ago
For the last few months I've been trying to flesh out and mold my Fractured Realm universe. However I'm just one person and creating an entire universe is a little tricky. So I'm opening it up to others in the form of a special contest.

This is a submission contest, it will run from now until the end of September. The contest is fairly straightforward, I want submissions for the Fractured Realm. What kind of submissions you might ask, well any of the following:

Submissions that won't be accepted include:

An examples could include things like:
A queen who rules some of the lands occupied by Freecia, the queen was cursed by a...
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New contest for those interested. - Contest is over. Posted 10 months ago
Well that eneded quickly, took all of 30 minutes for two people to finally get the answers I was looking for.

I may do another larger contest soon.
Please stop asking. Posted 1 year ago
Can people please stop asking or demanding that I do commissions for them. I am NOT taking commissions and the more people that ask me about doing them the less inclined I will feel about doing them in the future. At the present moment I am far too involved in my own projects to concern myself with commissions.

If you are unsure if I'm doing commissions or not then check my commissions status. For now it will say; No.

I may open trades when I am not busy but at the moment that is not the case.

Also I will NEVER take requests again, it is simply not worth my time or the amount of money it takes to complete them. Remember almost every model you see in my pictures I've had to purchase, or I've created over the course of several days.
Upcoming Comics Posted 1 year ago
With the release of Can Love Conquer Vore? which was released as a PDF not as individual images I am announcing a trio of short aka 10 pages, comics. Each of these comics will cost $5 and will be available in my ejunkie store.

The comics in their release order are:
Can Love Conquer Vore? - A fantasy vore comic set around a daring adventurer trying to save a princess from a towering and somewhat seductive demoness. However all is not quite what it seems.
Giantess Pred
Fatal and Non-Fatal
Internal shots

A Fulfilling Revenge - Tina is the kind of woman that anyone would want to be with, however for whatever reason her boyfriend has been avoiding her. When she discovers his dark little secret she is forced to reveal...
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Please don't do this. Posted 1 year ago
Do not be a smart arse and try to purchase Straight from the Preds Mouth for 0.01 cents. If you want it for free then get it for free. E-junkie and Paypal will block the sale as it is a well known hack and you will not be able to download the file.
Straight from the Preds Mouth Vol 1 is nearly here Posted 1 year ago
So my reboot of my Straight from the Preds Mouth interview series is nearly here. Unlike the two I did previously this will be a in a magazine style format featuring several interviews, pinups and the first part of an expose/editorial about a reporter and her crew entering a strange world filled with very powerful predators.

To start here some basic questions I'm sure you'll have.

Is it free? Sort of.

To be more specific there will be an asking price of 7.50 however you will be able to edit this when paying. you can choose to pay nothing or if you want to continue supporting me you can pay whatever you like up to the 7.50 asking price.

Where will this be available? On my E-Junkie, but as stated before you don't actually have...
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Upcoming Projects Posted 1 year ago
It's been more than a month since my last journal and to be fair I haven't exactly been active. However that does not mean I haven't been doing things. Unlike a lot of my past works that could be thrown together in anything from a fews hours to a week, what I've been working on takes a lot more planning and forethought.

So for starters I would like to point out that the planning stage of entire first mini episode of my Fractured Realm animation is complete with half the scenes setup and more than 2 minutes of footage rendered. Unlike my previous animations that had very short shots interlaced, the shots I'm doing for the new animations are a lot longer and more complex, which of course means it takes much longer to render them. However I will be showing off a teaser for the...
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A brief overview of my next big animation Posted 1 year ago
With the release of Flight of Feast, I am now looking ahead toward something even more ambitious. I've always wanted to flesh out this particular universe, either through a comic that enhances the characters backstories or animations that brings them to life. And yet a short 5 minute animation is hardly enough in my opinion. So I've decided to take it to the next level, as many of the characters from The Fractured Realm have their inspirations rooted firmly in anime, I think it's only fitting for my next project to be a full episode length animation.

Yes you read that right, a roughly 25 minute animation.

The logistics of creating something like this compared to Flight or Feast is on a whole different scale. And as such I will be releasing 5 seperate animations...
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Flight or Feast AMA is now live Posted 1 year ago
Okay, so with the release of Flight or Feast, I will be having an AMA both here and on my DA page. However before we start there is one rule.

1. This AMA is only about Flight or Feast and the Fractured Realm in general, things like the animation process, the characters and the universe. Any unrelated questions will be ignored.

So let's begin.
Flight or Feast is nearly here. Posted 1 year ago
Well, it's been a long road since I started out with the very first storyboard but at long last it is nearly complete. Flight or Feast will be released this Sunday the 10th of March! The final product looks a lot different than how I originally imagined it as for certain reasons, several characters and locations had to be cut in order for it to work but in the end I'm still proud of the result.
Not only that, immediately afterward I will be holding an AMA both here and on DeviantArt. However be aware that the AMA will be focused on The Fractured Realm universe and the characters from it.